lørdag, november 24, 2007

Places I might take you if you visit me: Dragør

This weekend I am away, enjoying a delightful weekend break with a delightful friend. Which means that I won't have so much time to blog. Which isn't to say that I would dream of stopping with the daily blog posting. It just means I get to work a bit in advance. As this weekend is an Annemarie weekend, I'm posting with this theme, each day a post about a different place where Annemarie and I were over the summer...you know, that time of year with sun and warmth.

For this day trip, we chose a leisurely bike ride to the coastal town of Dragør . Getting there was relatively straightforward if a bit boring, taking us a bit less than an hour. To get back, we ended up taking a slightly more scenic route than we had perhaps intended, lasting well over 2 hours, basically circling the island of Amager. I wouldn't recommend it, except maybe I would; it was very picturesque (though the actual pictures turned out a bit blurry...just imagine fields with cows, and the vague outline of water in the far distance).

You don't have to wander far from Copenhagen to get to total countryside, with farms and horses, and just past those farms is Dragør, right by the sound, complete with view to Sweden. It has been in the past a fishing town, but is more a tourist town nowadays, not a place to see a lot of sites, but more to hang out in a downtown cafe and watch the other tourists. Oh, and there is also a fort.

After exploring the fort (such as there is to explore...but the view from the top is worth the climb), and once you've had your fill of people watching, then it's all about getting lost (well, sort of...it's not that big a town) in the narrow residential streets. It's very quaint, with bright buildings and just typical small-down Denmark.

We were also there in the middle of flower season. Brilliant colors, and even a butterfly or two. If you visit in the winter, I can't guarantee the flowers, but I can pretty much guarantee the quaint Danish charm.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Wow, I am impressed by your blogger homework, Miss Kim :)
And I thank you because I need the entertainment.

I think a new place is always worth visiting, especially when the weather is good and so is the company :) Thanks for the tour of Dragor (sorry, no weird O with a thing in the middle in my keyboard eheeh).

sangroncito sagde ...

There's a small Danish town...probably a suburb now...near Aarhus I want to explore someday...the town of my great grandparents.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, thank you, and you're more than welcome, respectively! :-) And Dragør is actually nice in the winter, too (though I wouldn't bike there in the cold, rain, and wind). We can easily go there before dinner.

Sangroncito, I'd just like to visit Aarhus...it's supposed to be a very nice town.