fredag, november 23, 2007

When to blog when there's no time to blog

One thing that is becoming very clear to me this month is that, no matter how busy I am, I can always find some time to blog. Except that there must always be exceptions. For me, that exception is today, as i find myself going from work almost directly to the airport for a glamorous weekend getaway (with a 2-minute stopover at home to pack and blog).

So, instead of a thought-out blog post, I leave you with merely a question. When do you find time to blog? And what do you do to make time to blog, when there seemingly is none?

*When given the choice between travel and blogging, I always have to think awhile. And then travel normally wins. But this photo is proof that at least I'll be able to get back home after my trip.*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Wow, a weekend away - how posh are you? ;)

Time is a very serious and worrying issue for me. When I was busier and decided I didn't have time to blog, I always managed to post something because I really wanted to. I guess I had a faster work rhythm (I hate this word, I can never spell it right!). Now I take so long to post anything and actually to DO anything at all.

Have fun!!!

kimananda sagde ...

Not sure about posh, but it's nice to have a weekend away every once in a while.

And I suspect that time is a serious issue for many people. I'm finding interesting things though about posting every day, as it really doesn't seem to leave me with less time at all. I'm hoping I can do the same trick with other things I want done.

sangroncito sagde ...

I blog when I have something I feel is worth expressing...not as frequently as before...but when the need strikes.

Chibithulhu sagde ...

regular blog-times include:
weekends, typically with some sort of hard liquor
mornings, while I drink my coffee
after work, while I figure out what I want for dinner.

what do i specifically make time to blog, above and beyond my regular blog-times? nothing, really. I have those windoes of free time set aside for blogging if there's something to blog about, and if not then I do something else.

Smiler sagde ...

Well in my case it's rather easy as I'm on leave from work so pretty well have all day (and night to do so). But when I was working I was blogging

1. Early in the morning.
2. After coming home from work.
3. Weekends.

Somehow I managed to publish five posts and more per day whereas now I force myself to spend less time posting so I can have more time interacting with other bloggers. I have to admit, blogging (and writing) has become a big part of my life.

kimananda sagde ...

Sangroncito, that's how I was doing it before...but I find that forcing myself to blog everyday is actually adding a whole new element to proceedings.

Chibi, I like the idea of having regular blog times, but I never seem to be able to set a time like that...though now that I think about it, I do tend to post in the evenings.

Smiler, I am impressed by anyone who posts more than once a day...I don't think I've done it ever. I may try it though, especially when I go on leave in the Spring.