mandag, november 05, 2007

The secret to domestic bliss

I have never been domesticated. That has usually been o.k., except for any relationship I have ever been in, where my house cleaning shortcomings, and to a lesser extent my cooking laziness have always ended up an issue. Of course I have gotten far less messy, and slightly more decluttered over time, but could never make the leap to actually doing my fair share of the cooking and cleaning. Until now. I'm not sure which of us came up with it, but the solution was so simple...

I cook, Thor cleans. The scary thing is that we each think that we are getting the better end of the bargain. Thor is convinced that I spend more time cooking (this includes the menu-planning, the shopping, and most of the washing up...none of which take very long, to be honest) than he spends cleaning. I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that cooking is really fun. I'm developing quite a repertoire, actually, and good feedback is extremely motivating. Cleaning just simply is not...not fun, not interesting, not creative, not anything.

From this, many related questions come into my mind. For example, can any other of life's sticky problems be solved this way? I honestly can't come up with a single example (maybe this is why I haven't usually found myself blogging after a long workday?) How do other couples creatively share the workload? And of course, how long can I keep this up? I hope forever, just because I really, really never want to ever wash a floor again. And I'm not missing the dusting either.

And now, a small confession: of course this post should be accompanied by a shot of one of my special dishes...but I keep forgetting to photograph dinner. So, this is not my creation. However, I do plan to eventually learn to make it myself. It's called rødgrød med fløde, a name beloved (or perhaps not) by foreigners everywhere, as it embodies everything that is hard to pronounce about the Danish language: The 'ø', the so-called 'soft d', and the strangely placed (by English speaker standards) 'r' sound. It's the kind of thing that Danes will ask non-Danes to pronounce so that they can have a good laugh (no, really, it is). However, it's worth the effort to pronounce it, becase the dish itself is delicious.

5 kommentarer:

Simple American sagde ...

I would rather cook than clean. With the kiddos around the house I usually can get them to do the clean up. Most days that is.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Generally I prefer cleaning, to be honest. Precisely because it's less demanding of my mind. I need to be able to thinking about other stuff while I'm houseworking.
But I'm very lazy anyway so I'm not too fond of cleaning either.

Usually I take care of all that has to do with dishes around the house and my room, of course. And sometimes I cook but just the easy bits. Cooking scares me. lol

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. American, hmmm...I'll have to try that one when the kid is old enough. I have dreams actually that Thor and I will produce our own gourmet chef. If it happens, oh, how I will encourage his or her talents to blossom!

Ms. Mood, I can understand that. Perhaps you can come over and do some vacuuming while I fix us some dinner?

Devil Mood sagde ...

Ok, it sounds fair!
Vacuuming is really awful but it has to be done. :)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, just let me know when you're in the area, so I can do some shopping. :-)