tirsdag, november 06, 2007

On symptoms

After four months, it might be time for me to admit it. I am having symptoms. Lots and lots of symptoms. Much as I have been trying to deny it, the truth of it is unavoidable.

I say to myself, 'They say that the most common pregnancy symptom is fatigue. But I don't feel fatigued.' Then it hits me that I'm going to bed well before 9pm on most nights (right now, it's 7, and I'm thinking it might be time for a rest), and have been sleeping for well over my usual sleep needs...and still feel a bit tired. So, then I say to myself, 'Well, it's because I'm working so much more.' But no, that's not it.

I say to myself, 'I haven't had any morning sickness, isn't that cool?' Then it hits me that I'm increasingly plagued by nagging heartburn all the time, seemingly no matter what or when I eat. So, then I say to myself, 'Well, it's the cranberry juice you had after lunch.' But no, that's not it.

I say to myself, 'Wow, my weight is almost the same so far, and even though the weight I have seems to be a bit redistributed, my trousers still fit. I can't imagine ever getting super huge, ever.' At this point, nothing hits me, and there is nothing to respond to. I simply accept the fact that I am deluded.

I say to myself, 'My moods are pretty much the same, I'm not more sensitive than I was before. Yay me!' At this point, I tell this to Thor, and he just laughs. Actually, he's taken to calling me Moody.

And this is supposed to be the 'easy trimester'. It's going to be a long time til May, isn't it?

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jdbauer sagde ...

Wow. Normally when someone mentions these symptoms I say, "You must be pregnant"! But I'll say to you, "Must me gas"! just to be different. Acknowledging you're pregnant, but not the symptoms.

Great. Now I'm feeling woozy. Time for some saltines and that root beer float.

Mazel Tov!

Marion sagde ...

Hey, a lot of good news since I last stopped by - congratulations!

Let me know if you're having any problems with your short-term memory since you became pregnant, just out of interest and hopefully to prove a friend of mine wrong.

Devil Mood sagde ...

I've been feeling really strange myself and I'm not pregnant so...must be the weather.
(Do you know it's still 25ºC here?)

I think you'll learn to get rid of some of the symptoms, there are so miraculous remedies, I hear. I don't know. It must be really strange but it's so sweet at the same time :)

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, thanks! And actually, it's probably gas and being pregnant. The gas is another symptom, that I've been told will only get worse as the months progress.

Marion, thanks! And I don't believe my short-term memory is any worse than before. I've read that it is supposed to be affected by pregnancy, but if so, I haven't noticed it. But then, I tend to be a bit scattered anyway.

Ms. Mood, it's certainly not warm at all here...it's just warmer than my personal cut-off for breaking out the mittens and hat, sort of pre-winter weather. As for the symptoms, I was feeling fairly wretched yesterday evening, but in general, I have had a really easy time of it. And I don't know about sweet, but I do have the definite sense that any suffering now is contributing to a good cause, if that makes any sense.