lørdag, november 10, 2007

The sign says it all, really

But I'll add some comments anyway. This is a sign that I've always appreciated, and which I've photographed on more than one occasion. It has sort of become more than just a sign. It's a reminder of something that I all too often forget. It's not so obviously relevant during the week, where I'm too busy doing what needs to be done to be worrying about what I'm not doing. But it comes into its own over the weekends, where I feel myself slide into lethargy, all the while feeling the increasing weight of all the things it would be helpful if I did, right now. Sometimes I get some of those things done, but not always by any means. Yet the answer to all of this angst is clearly stated in the sign.

The question though could be what path? How to keep on a path that cannot be seen? And how to keep on multiple paths at once? Or is that not actually possible?

One thing is for sure though, that any path that one follows for long enough seems to end up leading to some sort of meaning and fulfillment. Even blogging every day (as I have been inspired to do this month) has given far more than would be expected. Leading me to wonder how many paths are necessary for a full life and how elaborate those paths really need to be.

For you, do you know what your paths in life are? Or what paths you'd like to be on? Or are you finding it all out only as you go along?

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I don't know what my paths are. I knew until recently but I think I lost my way and I had to change routes.
Deep down there's a feeling that I will find my path, that something...some way is meant to be my own, just mine. But I'm starting to think that's a myth. You just make your own path with the tools that you have and maybe you could be in a billion other paths, but you chose this one.
Bah :P

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I have had the same thought, that there should be a special path just for me. But I think you're right, that you choose a path and see where it leads. My problem with that is that, I fear all the paths that are blocked off if I go ahead and fully embrace any one path in particular.

However, the thought that there are multiple paths that we could take is very liberating...we can do whatever we are willing to commit to, yes?