fredag, november 09, 2007

Why I will most likely never be dooced

It occurs to me every once in a while that I never blog about my work, even though this item in my life takes more time and focus than pretty much anything else I've done recently (except probably my thesis). I used to think that this is because I don't want to write about things that might be private, and which might have repercussions. But then, my work is not that confidential. The truth is that I don't blog about my work because this is a personal blog. I have simply no desire to bring my work here.

Today, I realized that the reverse is also true, as today was my opportunity to tell my boss that I'm pregnant (she was visiting Denmark from Sweden, and it seemed just...nicer somehow to give the news in person). It seemed just such an awkward thing to tell, as in why should my work know about my private life in this way? I don't normally see that there is so much separation in my life between various elements...but clearly there is. In the end it was of course fine (both people I was telling have toddlers of their own, so there was never much doubt but that the reaction would be positive).

I suppose this is a good thing, this not giving hot work gossip (that is, if I knew any, though I suppose I could always make something up), for me at least, as I will probably not have to worry about saying the wrong thing and losing my job. On the other hand, maybe it's not so interesting for the reader?

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Maddie sagde ...




sangroncito sagde ...

I'm the world's worst office gossip. It's amazing it never got me fired!

kimananda sagde ...

Maddie, yep, baby stuff. I figure it's big enough news to deserve its own tag. :-) Hugs back!

Sangroncito, I'm a total gossip at's just that I then don't feel a need to explain it outside of work. But office gossip is important...I think of it as a form of community building.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Well, since you'll have to post everyday for 20 days ahead, I suppose we could allow you to write about your work ;)

The texture of the castanhas is probably the best thing about them, especially when they're boiled and not roasted. They're so soft :)