mandag, november 26, 2007

Snow, anyone?

I never realized before this morning how difficult it is to drive in the dark on uncleared snowy roads. But now I know. It's tough. Especially the uncleared snowy road part. It's amazing I made it to work at all, much less on time, what with missing a turn out on the freeway because I couldn't tell where the turn-out actually was, and then having to cut back throught the next town, where I attempted to find my way to a certain roundabout, only managing to realize where said roundabout was about half a block after passing it by. Good thing this was all before 7 in the morning, so no traffic to add to my confusion. Or maybe it would have been better with some more cars to follow.

The strange thing was the timing of the snow. When I got back from my weekend getaway at close to midnight yesterday, it wasn't snowing at all. This morning, it had clearly snowed a lot, big white fluffy drifts on the street and all the cars. As I was quickly pushing the snow off of the windows of my car before setting off, I found myself in a sudden flurry. Which made finding the right roads all the more difficult. However, after several minutes of driving (and finding my way back to the road I should have been on in the first place), it seemed not to be snowing at all anymore. The closer I got to work, the less evidence of snow there work, there were just a few traces of snow on the grassy areas, nothing more. Which isn't surprising, as I did travel a bit to get there. However, when I got back home, about 4 hours after having left, there was no evidence of any snow having been here, either. Not even on the grass. Not even on the roofs. It looked like maybe it had just been raining a bit. Leaving me to wonder, was it just my imagination all along?

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I find that while driving I'm much more disorientated than usual, like I forget what streets lead to where, where to turn, where the road ends...
I'm not saying you invented the snow ;) Fluffy snow, how lovely!

How was the weekend? Nice?

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

those kind of days do blow the mind. This morning the snow was froze to my car windows. 11 am the streets were only wet, then at 4:30 my boss told me to go home because it was snowing. Winter!!!

kimananda sagde ...

My weekend was lovely, but now I'm back to a very full week of work. And I'm usually pretty oriented while driving places I know, but the lack of lanes (all covered up by the snow) made all that change.

Day, that is winter weather for sure. I'm glad we don't have as much of it in Denmark as you surely have in Michigan.