onsdag, november 21, 2007

You so wish you were having dinner at my place

Sometimes, a meal just comes together so perfectly, that it leaves nothing else to blog about. Or think about. Or feel. I can't stop eating it to take a photo of it. Too bad. It will almost certainly give me terrible heartburn. So worth it.

Tofu. Mushrooms. Snow peas. Slices of ginger. Stir-fried with a dash of Japanese soy sauce. Served over rice. Normally, I know you don't care what I am having for dinner, but of course this time, you'll make a well-deserved exception.

I'm now off to have a savory cup of ginger tea for dessert. Really, it doesn't get any better than this.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

You don't need cravings when you have an appetite like that :)

It sounds delicious - sometimes a home-cooked meal does wonders for our body and soul, doesn't it? When I was having a really stressful time, I found revenge in home dinners, especially soup.

It'd be nice to have dinner there, now that you mention it :)

Smiler sagde ...

The dinner does sound yummy. But I have a serious sweet tooth. Ginger tea just wouldn't cut it for desert with me - I'd be raiding your pantry for cookies and chocolate!

erin sagde ...

I do wish I was having dinner at your place. It sounds delicious.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, soup sounds good, too, but for some reason, I've never got too comfortable with making soups.

And you're welcome to dinner anytime you'd like. It's always nice to have vegetarians in the house...the dynamic we have is a former vegetarian who is not so keen on meat (that would be me) together with a carb-avoiding carnivore (that would be Thor). Your presence would give me free reign to cook all the coolest carbiest meat-free things (though, actually, Thor would have liked this dish too...maybe not with the rice....)

Smiler, would it help that it's the pre-packaged Thai ginger tea with mountains of pre-added sugar? I didn't think so. We don't normally have such delicacies as cookies and chocolate in the house simply because both Thor and I are unable to resist eating them all when they're there...so they'd never make it to dessert!

Erin, you are more than welcome whenever you're in the neighborhood. :-)

jdbauer sagde ...

How in the world did I miss THIS post. Sounds so so so good. I'm hungry now and it's 22:48. Too late to eat as I'm trying to get rid of this ring around the tummy. If only!

kimananda sagde ...

This would have been a good thing to eat even at 22:48, it was quite healthy. When you're next in Copenhagen, I'll try to recreate it for you.