tirsdag, november 20, 2007

Apparently, I should be having cravings

In my now-daily search for what to blog about, I consulted with local kimananda expert Thor. His advice was to make a post which was a cry for help, to ask all of you kind readers to aid me in gaining real pregnancy cravings and symptoms.

Now I think I have had cravings, sort of. First, I had a longing to slice bananas on my morning cereal. This lasted through a couple of small bunches, spread out over a week or so. Then it was spinach (salad, not cream of). This didn't last so long as it's hard to find here, and sort of expensive, but I did manage to make a meal or two which included a side salad. Then of course, the brown cheese...which I've now procured, and it's been wonderful so far. But apparently, I should be eating only one type of food at a time, preferably one that is horrifically bad for me, like molasses covered chocolate, or stereotypical, like pickles and ice cream.

As for symptoms, I knew when I was having a symptom free first trimester that it was too good to last. And I was proven right when it started. The heartburn, I mean. At almost all times of day or night, after seemingly any meal, or after not eating, or after drinking, or after not drinking. Really, don't help me get any symptoms, as this one is just fine (and will apparently get worse as my belly continues to swell to whale proportions).

So, clearly what I need is a craving for something which will help with the heartburn. I'm trying to get myself into drinking lots of milk, and it's sort of working. As a craving. In terms of making me feel better, not so much. Really, the trick is to just find some Tums in Denmark. To help with the heartburn and get some extra calcium.

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3 kommentarer:

sangroncito sagde ...

caipirinhas give me heartburn...all those limes...I need some Tums, too.
Stay away from the caipirinhas while your pregnant!

Devil Mood sagde ...

Ah, don't worry. You might get them later on. Aren't cravings a reflection of some nutrient that the mother needs? If you don't have one, it's probably because you're eating well :)

kimananda sagde ...

Sangroncito, I am staying away from pretty much all alcohol (barring a sip of wine when Thor tries a new bottle), as well as caffeine, sushi, some cheeses, basically most pleasures of food and drink! Have a caipirinha in my honor, yes?

Ms. Mood, I'm sure I'll get every symptom available as I get bigger and bigger. And I've read about the cravings/nutrient connection too. So, when I wanted bananas, I thought, 'must need potassium', and for the spinach, 'must need iron'. And I'm not sure I'm eating well, but we tend to not use pre-packaged foods, and I've been trying to eat more regularly, so I think it's o.k. actually.