søndag, januar 27, 2008

39x365 #5: Lady on the bus to school

I was eating liqueur-flavored chocolate next to you, a random passenger. You responded with a lecture on alcoholism. It didn’t occur to me that this was probably a personal issue for you. I've never been very observant of people.

3 kommentarer:

phish sagde ...

this left me thinking. hard at that. i have always been a keen observer of people. and yet i am forever amazed at what life throws at me.

observed. and otherwise.

Devil Mood sagde ...

how wonderful to be lectured by a complete stranger...grrrr

kimananda sagde ...

Phish, I'm glad I could leave you thinking. It's interesting that even those who are observant aren't able to observe everything. Maybe that's a good thing, it makes for a more exciting life.

Ms. Mood, I don't recall being annoyed, more amused. I was still in high school at the time, and not really into the idea of drinking real alcohol. So I couldn't really see what the issue was.