mandag, januar 28, 2008

Is this what getting old will feel like?

Sometimes, there is nothing to do but go to bed. Not that I'm tired, but the minor aches and pains that I have, seem to collectively encompass most to all of my body. I am hopeful that this will clear up after a good night's sleep.

While waiting to go to sleep, I will probably be thinking of this book. The first time I laid hands on a copy (it's in my local library), I read it from cover to cover and savored every single little thing that could kill me. Hiccups. Farts. Eating. Sleeping. Not sleeping. You name it, it can kill you, apparently. The last few times I've been in the library, I've read only the section on pregnancy. I especially like the question and answer section. My favorite question? The one that says something like, 'I'm pregnant. Please tell me something that will scare the shit out of me.' The answer? A list of the most horrific birth deformities and their latin names. Because it's important to know the technical terms for 'baby born with no head or arms,' or 'baby born with only a head, no body'. I would share them with you, but I still haven't actually checked the book out; it's just too much fun to read in the library.

In closing, I'm a bit too out-of-sorts to find an image of a baby with only a head to put with this post. It's probably for the best.

5 kommentarer:

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Thank you for introducimg me to this wonderful piece of literature :DDDD

Also: I slept five hrs just now 8)

Devil Mood sagde ...

lol you're insane, not old!

That's terrible. I remember when I had to study genetic diseases and my studying material was in very old photocopies in black and white - you can imagine what those babies look like in those conditions...CREEPY!

You're tagged!

Fitèna sagde ...

I actually was thinking "Kim is pregnant?! wow, i've been away so long!" :)
Not old, just tired I think!


Anonym sagde ...

why do you think that people are drawn to the unsual like that?? I find myself interested and often if it is a rerun on TV I still watch.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio, 5 hours? Yay! :-) And it is a pretty funny book, isn't it?

Ms. Mood, I may be going insane, as that would also cover it. And there is a photo in the book of a newborn who looks really like an alien. Also in grainy black and white. I can't imagine studying that kind of thing in a class, but actually, it could be interesting. And I'll be doing the tag tomorrow, methinks.

Fitèna, it's always good to see you around. :-) And yep, 6 months pregnant. And tired, that definitely.

Day, I don't know why that is, but it is for sure. I am entranced by the unusual.