tirsdag, januar 15, 2008

Did you know...

...that sometimes it's much more fun to hang out with friends than to blog. Yes, it is rather shocking, isn't it? But true. But yet, I find time after to blog anyway...I wonder what I would be feeling if I'd gotten home an hour later?

And no, we didn't go out for malted peppermint milk shakes, but the feel was somehow the same.

5 kommentarer:

M@ttisulweb! sagde ...

Congratulations on your blog!
Greetings from Italy


Devil Mood sagde ...

you don't say? ;)
That picture looks so deliciously unhealthy!

kimananda sagde ...

M@ttisulweb, welcome! When my Italian gets better, I look forward to perusing your blog and site in more depth.

Ms. Mood, yep, deep, I know. ;-) And that milkshake was good...I'm sure I've posted it before, but it is good enough to post twice, I think.

Novel Nymph sagde ...

it is true, i have not been blogging as much--but have been having a lot of fun nonentheless. thanks for making me feel less guilty!


kimananda sagde ...

I always try to think of it this way...that all the fun stuff we do (and for that matter, the less fun stuff) gives us material to blog about later. If all we did was blog, what on earth would we have to say?