mandag, januar 14, 2008

All those amazing things in store for us!

I've given a couple posts over to 2007 so far this year, but it occurs to me that I still haven't fully, publicly embraced 2008. But what's more important than 2008? At this point, at least. In 11 months or so, my ideas on this will have changed.

For me, what will happen is obvious, and equally obvious is that everyone is so aware of it. I don't believe I recieved a single Christmas or New Year's card this year which didn't mention how 2008 would be so special for me. And it's true. For all sorts of reasons, not just the obvious one. But it's special for everyone. We cannot even know how amazing the year will be, but must help it unravel like a ball of yarn, while collecting all the presents.

Yes, ball of yarn. Yes, presents. Every Christmas from my youth, we'd wake up to presents, small presents in the stockings, and bigger ones wrapped up underneath (and no, we weren't Christian, but I think my mom just wanted to have the presents on the day that all the other kids got them, there was nothing religious about it in the slightest). At the top of the stocking was the most amazing part...the ball of yarn. Always the exact same balls of cheap Woolworth acrylic, pepto-bismol pink for me, an equivalent blue for my brother. You could see they were in a tight ball, but not quite. There would be things hanging out of them, small things. I no longer remember what kinds of things were in the balls, but think pencils and erasers, matchbox cars, mini-candy bars, things like that. We'd start to unravel the yarn. Things would fall out, we'd see how soon we could guess what that tiny snub just barely showing yet would turn out to be. I vaguely recall my mom making a disparaging comment about how after all the work getting all the big stuff together, my brother and I would beeline for the cheap stuff every year (true, though after the unraveling, we would then turn our attention totally to the bigger ticket items).

So, may your 2008 be a ball of yarn, with small gifts spread throughout. Happy unraveling, and finding, and making a mess of yarn all over the living room. Because that is what it's all about, isn't it?

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2 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

It's a wonderful image of the New Year - unraveling a ball.
This is definitely a year for Earth types so, rest assured, expansion will happen and hopefully not just the physical kind :)

Really love the new colours!

kimananda sagde ...

Expansion sounds really good right now. And I'm looking forward to giving my daughter a ball of real yarn with real things ravelled in it...maybe not for a couple of years yet, but soon enough.

And, I got the colors from the site you talked about!