torsdag, januar 03, 2008

Does this count as nesting?

I believe that this might just count as nesting, but then again, I have gone through several periods of my adult life spend huddled over a cross-stitch frame for hours each day, for days at a time, not nesting. But this time there is a theme. Stemming from a compulsion to pore through my giant folder of patterns to find baby samplers, of which I frankly don't have very many. But a small few, bought long ago just in case someone close to me was expecting. And one or two much more elaborate ones which I thought, these are far too complicated and would take far too long to justify doing for any child who is not my own. So, now that I have justification, it's time to break out the complicated stuff and see what I can get done before I never have a moment to stitch again for years and year.

This pattern, just to make it clear, is not one of those complicated ones. It's dead simple, just to get me back into the habit (which took all of about 10 minutes, I'm easily addicted to this stuff). I'm especially fond of the cat, who has since been finished, backstitching and all, and is looking very cool indeed. Next stitching stop: the toy train.

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Anonym sagde ...

Oh! That is gorgeous!

I have never actually finished a cross stitch. Love doing them but always take on large projects and get bored about 2/3 of the way through. May just have to get one of them sent over and finish the thing. Keep us updated with how it goes!

Hope you had a wonderful time away.

Devil Mood sagde ...

It looks beautiful :)
It's so therapeutic to work with our hands. I have periods like that too. And my mother made one special for me with my birthdate and other special objects connected to me. It's wonderful how you can just write stories with it, while you stitch :)

lewister sagde ...

That is going to be gorgeous! Funny, but you work so differently from me. I tend to work a color until I don't have any more of that color within reach, then change to another color, rather than work each object as I go across. :-) Not that I have time for the elaborate anymore. I'm focused on small patterns that I actually have time to finish!

cass sagde ...

I always wanted to do a X-stitch for my daughter before she was born. She's now 8 and I still haven't started one. :) Someday! lol

jdbauer sagde ...

aww so cute! Almost looks like it's going to be a torah for kids. Although I'm sick and my vision is blurry and I can't find my glasses. Looks adorable.

kimananda sagde ...

Gondul, thanks! I have some big projects languishing as well, probably never to be finished. But it's good to keep them, just in case. And Vienna was magical.

Ms. Mood, thanks! I don't often think of the story aspect of the stitching, as it's such a physical thing. And I know what you mean about the therapeutic value. Cathartic, really.

Lewister, I work in different orders for different projects, but I like to keep going in a way that makes it easy to see when I've miscounted something. However, for this project, the different toys are so clearly separate that I'm finding joy in finishing each one as I go. And I hope it will turn out well...I normally go for things that are a bit bigger, actually.

Cass, I have a lot of 'someday' projects! However, I have made some nice stitching for several kids of friends, and feel real incentive to do something more for my own child than I've done for other people's children. Which when written down seems a bit selfish, but logical.

Jonathan, a torah for kids. I like that! Actually, it's more a toybox for pretty close. And I lost my glasses in Vienna, so it's actually pretty cool that I can see well enough to actually stitch!