fredag, januar 04, 2008

What hypochondria really is?

I've long been to a certain extent obsessive about my weight, well, at least since getting a scale in the house. Every time I gain a bit, I worry a bit. But now with pregnancy, I've discovered that I can also get worried and upset over losing a bit of weight. Not that I haven't gained overall, but I seem to be gaining, then losing, then gaining then losing, in somewhat of a cycle. Which is probably perfectly normal, but still...who knew that my range of worry could be made so much greater just by expecting? Normally I'm not so much of a hypochondriac, well not more than a teensy bit, I'm really quite healthy, but the stakes are not normally so high, are they?

Oh, and this photo is my weekiversary present to myself. You see, I've also developed a paranoia about gaining weight in inappropriate ways (some might say that certain websites and books that I have read repeatedly might just as well be burned), so this is about as close as I will get to a chocolate based concoction for a while at least. But it looks good in any case. You can find the real thing somewhere in Florida, from what I can tell from looking here at the original site. I invite you to find an image of the beverage of your choice, so that you may join me in a virtual weekiversary toast to hypochondria, and being healthy despite whatever might be imagined to be wrong.

3 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

I don't know how people can eat so much ! It looks good, but I'd have a spoon or two and that would be it.

I understand: right now gainig weight is getting heavier on that other side of the scale. I'm confusing myself with this metaphor!

kimananda sagde ...

I could certainly eat that chocolate delicacy, except for now when I'm busy self-diagnosing myself with every pregnancy complication found in any book or website I've ever come into contact with, most of which say that a way to relieve it is to avoid sugar. It just looks like a refreshing beverage. I don't know that I could then eat anything for several hours afterwards, though. As for weight, I think I'm just not eating enough. I weigh the same as I did a month ago (due to gaining and then losing), and I suspect that's not really ideal

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh don't worry! You're seeing your doctor regularly, right? He/she'll keep that under careful supervision.

Sugar is a bad, bad thing. But I thought that was some kind of ice cream.