søndag, januar 13, 2008

From the sublime to the disgusting

I had read, but not really understood, the extent to which pregnancy is really disgusting. And sort of painful (mostly back pain, a little leg pain)...but mostly disgusting. When it's not beautiful and life-enhancing, that is. If you ever want to really, really understand what your digestive system is, and what it does at every stage of food processing, and if you, further, want to understand all the things that can go wrong with that system, then become pregnant. I'd give you examples, but the very act of giving those examples might inspire in you some of the same symptoms, if you're eating at the time of reading, or if you have recently eaten. And I'd rather you find out for yourself, if you're so inclined. It's like I imagine the pain of childbirth will turn out to be, which is to say much worse than anyone will ever say, because they don't want to scare everybody off, thus dooming the human race.

*Photo note: of course, this Danish sign reads 'bath and toilet', but I prefer to ignore the + sign, and read it in English.*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

ahah bad+toilet.
I'm sorry :(
Hope you feel better, perhaps move on to a different stage of pregancy soon.
The human race is protected by those hormones that make women forget the pain of giving birth. There's one called oxitocin but I'm not exactly sure that's the one. But when you have that running through your veins you'll be fine :)

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Oh, I'll give you "Smut Inn":


kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, thanks for the well wishes...it's really not that bad, but on occasion, it can get a bit annoying. I expect it to get worse as I start to get really huge, but I'm ready to face that soon enough. And do women forget the pain of giving birth, or is it just that the 'payoff' is enough to justify it? Ask me that in a year, and maybe I'll be able to answer it. ;-)

Ms. Black Scorpio, that is cool...where is it on Amager? And have you ever been there? I imagine walls covered with Hustler and Penthouse pin-ups, and really dilapidated not-very-clean bathrooms.

Devil Mood sagde ...

I believe they really forget it and the only way to test would be to be with you during labour and afterwards hehe
And it's called oxytocin, in correct english.

MindFul MiMi sagde ...

Having just given birth to my second son, I can only say: ask for an epidural :-) it's well worth it :-)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I'm not sure about the oxytocin...isn't that more to contract the uterus post-partum? I have read, but unfortunately can't remember where, that the body does produce endorphins during labor, but I'd love to read more about people actually forgetting the pain. It would be nice if it happens, though!

Mimi, welcome! I just yesterday was at a lecture on the labor experience and labor options at my hospital (2 hours of lecture...it was a serious test of my Danish). I'm a bit skeptical of an epidural, and the lecture didn't convert me. Which doesn't mean I won't accept any pain relief. The laughing gas option sounds actually quite good. But it will depend, of course. If it all gets too much, then I'd certainly take whatever I need to get through, including the epidural.

Devil Mood sagde ...

I read that oxytocin has many "applications" not only during labour, but also during the orgasm. Supposedly it helps a person connect with the other, leads people to feel attached and relaxed, all in the name of the species :)

kimananda sagde ...

Hey, I didn't know that...cool! It explains a lot about bonding, then.