tirsdag, januar 29, 2008

My current life in photos

Here is what I'm focusing on most at the moment. You may, and in fact are encouraged to, supply the captions. Or the story line. Or whatever. Answers in an up-coming post, probably in answer to a meme.

3 kommentarer:

FourLegged sagde ...

Let me guess.
- An overabundance of white-out
- A shocking dearth of book ends
- A desperate cry for long stemmed flowers

Devil Mood sagde ...

Hmm, yes. Keep eating healthy and drinking milk at night to help you sleep, lots of books to catch up on and a crib in need of decoration ;)

I like this idea.

kimananda sagde ...

Bro, that's it! You know me so well...it must be genetic or something.

Ms. Mood, you are a very logical thinker. More mundane answers will appear as soon as I have the energy for a whole post, rather than a random one.