onsdag, februar 13, 2008

10 things that are worrying me at the moment

In no particular order:

1) Gaining weight. As in, 'does this top make my belly look big?' And yes, I know, every top makes my belly look big.

2) Not gaining weight. As in 'does this belly make my baby look small?'

3) Heartburn. It will only get worse. So far, I've only thrown up once...but I worry that number will increase. A lot.

4) Baby moving. Shouldn't she be stronger by now? Isn't she supposed to be getting direct blows to vital organs? Wedging hands and feet in between ribs?

5) Baby not moving. Hey, where are you?! Are you O.K.?!

6) Clothes. My clothes will do for the time being, but my child, who I might point out has not yet been born, already has way more outfits than I do. When you look at the proof in the photo, please consider that this does not include her equally large (and growing) collection of knitted items, compliments of Farmor*.

7) Gestational diabetes. I haven't heard anything about my test for this, and I'd imagine that no news is good news. But for various reasons, this has long been the complication that I least want to get.

8) Loss of brain mass. People keep telling me about how my brain is actually getting smaller because of the pregnancy, as much as 8% smaller. I'm not sure I can afford to lose that much of my brain.

9) Maybe at some point having to go on bedrest. Cause if there's anything that would get me desperate to leave the house, it would be not being able to leave the house.

10) Sleep. For how long will I usually be able to sleep through the night? When, after going from 'pregnant' to 'mom' will I ever sleep again?

Oh, and by the way, worries aside, everything seems to be going quite well!

*Farmor. In English, paternal grandmother; literal translation, 'father mother'. So, Thor's mom.

***10:30ish update to #3: Make that twice. All I can say is, yick!***

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh poor you! Feeling better now? I thought you weren't supposed to throw up at this stage anymore...Myths!

Apart from that your worries were really funny (not to diminish them in any way) and normal and probably not very worry-worthy (a new word I just invented).

I love the photo!! Cuties :)

roro sagde ...

8% of your brain?? That's crazy! We only USE 10% to begin with! Maybe this will cause you to start using other, unexplored parts of your brain, causing many fantastical adventures! I say embrace it.

So sorry about the puking. But the baby clothes - so cute!

Scholiast sagde ...

Shouldn't be throwing up any more, though the heartburn might cause that. Also, normally, bedrest is not for people "only" expecting a singleton ;)

-- you seem to be having all the normal worries, which makes me think everything's fine!

About the sleep bit - it varies. But if you do like we have, sleep in one day each every weekend, then at least as soon as your daughter's weaned, you should be able to sleep through the night. Our Jakob did that at 11 months ;) Oh, but you'll sleep, later, only not so much at a time ...

The brain? I don't know... They told me to take codliver oil to avoid that ;) I didn't, though. But I feel ok - and the kids have turned out rather on the bright side, so I think it may be just another myth...

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, nope, it's not a myth. Most (not all) people who have morning sickness only have it for the first trimester, that is true, and that's usually what causes people to throw up. I never had morning sickness, but seem to have occasional heartburn bad enough that I end up throwing up. And yeah, I think things are o.k., and my worries are just the normal things. And I am pretty pleased with the clothing collection.

Roro, I'm working hard to embrace everything about this, because well, it's the best way to view it, I think. A bit of puking seems to come with the territory...I think the first time I puked was in January, so if I only have to deal with it once a month, I think it'll all be fine.

Scholiast, it's the heartburn. And I have heard of people who get bedrest for a singleton, but I'm not seriously thinking that it'll happen to me...I don't think I'm particulary high risk. But of course, who knows? And thanks for the kind words on sleep...that is something that I do worry about more seriously!

Devil Mood sagde ...

My mother had bedrest when she was expecting me, when she was about 7months pregnant, I think.
The doctors wanted me to grow bigger before I came out. ;)

kimananda sagde ...

Hmmm...let's hope that doesn't happen to me! I have an important meeting re: my thesis in March. I'd have to go anyway, and that might not be the best thing.

EKinDK sagde ...

As another yeehaw yankee expat about to deliver in Denmark (March 29th -- egads!), I must share with you the joys of Zantac and natron. Heartburn has been my #1 bane of pregnancy (my first), preventing me from sleeping, eating, living a normal (HA) existence. Anyway, my doc prescribed Zantac, and now I covet this stuff like a junkie. Drink the magic bubbly elixir twice a day and -- HAPPY! Occasionally it falters (usually when I've had too much pizza or a handful of jalapenos too many), in which case I stir 1/2 a teaspoon of regular ol' baking soda into a small of glass of water, and down the hatch. IT. WORKS. But, its also has a lot of sodium, so this is more of an emergency thing. And re: the brain -- yes, you DO get more forgetful, and will become even moreso, I'm afraid. But, you will probably move about in a joyful, magical, crystal-filled universe by then, so your worries of brain-function reduction will seem far, far away...

kimananda sagde ...

EKinDK, thanks for the great suggestions! I'm at the moment only having heartburn every now and again...o.k., everyday, but not all day, and normally only a slight bit, not too troubling. I'm hoping it stays that way, in which case, I'll just learn to live with it. But I suspect that in a month or two, I'll be looking for drugs, and I'll remember the Zantac.

And tillykke!!!

Novel Nymph sagde ...

hey my dear, no worries for you! i think your life seems just splendid, gosh the joy of having a life inside you! My mom said she looked at beautiful things and thought beautiful things. you do the same...

btw i do not think i subscribe to that 8 percent rubbish AT ALL!


kimananda sagde ...

Novel, I like your ideas, and it sounds like your mom had the right idea, too. Whatever I'm doing, I find I can turn it off when I feel some kicking...it is pretty awesome actually.

And I have heard a lot about why the 'we use only 10% of our brain' is totally wrong, so I'd assume that the brain loss in pregnancy is also off somehow. But some overall loss of focus, that I definitely have at the moment!