tirsdag, februar 12, 2008

39x365 #8: Jacob

About as close as we know to a celebrity, a songwriter of two Dansk Melodi Grand Prix winners. One of your lyrical protagonists wants to 'do the thing that lovers do'. Which leads nicely to ironic speculation and list-making.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Speaking of danish artists, do you know Anders Frandsen? :)

kimananda sagde ...

I hadn't heard of him, but Thor has. Apparently, he was considered somewhat cool in the start of the 90's, but is (in Thor's opinion, I don't know enough about this guy to agree or disagree), 'ewww' and 'kind of slimy'. I can see he had a Dansk Melodi Grand Prix winner as well, but from what I can hear on YouTube, well, I'm not a fan.

I'd love to hear if you have any more stuff that would shed a better light on him, though, as a second hand summary and one YouTube video aren't really enough to form a deep opinion!

Devil Mood sagde ...


Well, as you might know, I was a big fan of the Eurovision song contest when I was a kid and he sang there in 1991 (!!) I didn't like the song much back then, it was one of those I used to fast-forward in my video tape. But recently I quite like it, even though I admit it's crappy but I like it, what can I do?

Now prepare for an even bigger surprise: I think I dreamt of Thor today!!!! LOL I dreamt he had sent my an e-mail or something concerning John Kerry. Yes, this is insane. I don't remember much, I don't even have a visual image of Thor, of course. But I remember the message was very funny because he had mixed portuguese in it and, in my dream, it was perfectly normal that he had e-mailed me. I have crazy dreams, don't freak out ;) I think the rest of the night was spent dreaming about Obama. Apparently I'm concerned with US elections! lol

kimananda sagde ...

I wouldn't say the song is crappy. It's just verrrry sloooooow!

And I've informed Thor that he's becoming famous, even infiltrating the dreams of people who have never met him. He seemed amused. He's also very concerned with the US elections, so maybe there's a connection there.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Yes, slow, that's why I thought it was so boring back then. And I also thought the singer was OLD. I look at him now and he seems reasonably young. I am old.

Denmark's song on the next year was much more fun, laughing fun because of the "style" of the singers.

If it was odd for me to dream of Thor, I can't imagine what it must be like for him to know about it. LOL

kimananda sagde ...

Don't worry...I think he found it amusing, and two seconds later forgot about it. And no, you are definitely not old. I feel old, but I'm not old either. We're both young!