tirsdag, februar 19, 2008

39x365 #10: Steven the rocking horse

A keynote of my childhood since infancy, every part of you has been broken, then fixed. Now in darkness, you will soon leave your shed and immigrate to Denmark, to play an equally important role for the next generation.

3 kommentarer:

Scholiast sagde ...

aww, that's so sweet, you've kept it! :)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Really? It's going to Denmark? Fantastic story!

kimananda sagde ...

Scholiast and Ms. Mood, thank you for your kind words. :-)

I don't have too many of my childhood things, but a few key pieces. Steven was actually kept for many years in my mom's office...her line was that if I wanted to see him, then I'd have to visit, and the same for any grandkids I might one day produce. Then, after she died, he was moved to the shed. Clearly he needs to be rescued. Not to mention it's been many many years since he's been actually played with. I'm really looking forward to bringing him here.