onsdag, februar 20, 2008

Just a simple suggestion

Something I would recommend to anyone: pick a time in your life when you have no reason or need to find a job, or another job than the one you already have. Then, find a job which it would be cool to have anyway, apply for it, and then go on a job interview.

You won't need to worry about how to impress the company, because the stakes are not unrealistically high. You can just answer honestly and be yourself. In this case, it was a preliminary 'getting to know you' type of affair, and I had a great time not disguising any of my weaknesses, and conversely, doing my very best to play up my strengths. It was great fun.

And the best part of all is that it would actually be cool to get the job. It's a really interesting one. This is equal to the fact that whether I get the job or not, I'll be going on leave at the same time anyway. I know it sounds a bit kooky, but I highly recommend it.

3 kommentarer:

Annemarie sagde ...

I got yet another rejection today. But now I know what I'm doing wrong, so next time I'm going for having as much fun as possible! Speak to you soon. Anne

Devil Mood sagde ...

Not kooky...but can you real go to an interview and not feel evaluated? True, some interviews have more pressure than others but I wouldn't exactly describe it as fun. Well, that's me!

And finding a job that's fun would be a miracle for me. hehe

kimananda sagde ...

Annemarie, the key for me, I think, is that I'm not really in any hurry to find a new job...after I'm done with leave, it'll be different. But I do think that interviews go better when they're not too stressful.

Ms. Mood, to a certain extent, no, I don't feel evaluated at an interview. Which is to say, of course it's about evaluation, but I know what I can and can't do, and feel reasonably sure of my ability to convey that to an interviewer. I blame my billions of years of teaching for this...when I have these situations, the teacher self comes out, which helps a lot! And I agree totally on the difficulty of finding a job that's fun...though now that I think about it, teaching is often quite fun. Hmmm...will have to ponder that one some more methinks.