fredag, marts 07, 2008

kimananda, television star

Last weekend, Thor and I went to the opening of a new small hotel/pension on the island of Møn, owned by one of Thor's co-workers and her husband. They recently bought the place, and have re-done it. Each of the rooms in the place has been stunningly decorated by a different local artist (the owners are also artists, who themselves have decorated the common areas). Lots of photos were taken, and at some point soon, there will be a post all about it.

But in the meantime, it has been brought to my attention that that man we saw there wandering around with the video equipment and tripod was not just playing around. Apparently, he has started and runs a local television station (or video-based website, I'm not sure), and was covering the opening 'for the media'. Which means that all the guests, including Thor and me, are television stars. Sort of.

The story itself has everything there is to love about local t.v. The total lack of polish, the odd placing of shots, weird camera angles, an announcer with a non-distinctive voiceover voice, a clearly amateur script. Which is what makes it so watchable. Thor and I can be seen in the crowd watching the owners' inagural speech (where you can see them officially christen the pension with white paint). To help you find us, I'm the pregnant woman having a really bad hair day. Thor is the suave man in the matching jacket standing next to me. Along the way, you'll get a good view of the place, and can soak in the strangeness that is the Danish language.

The link is To any Mac users, do yourself a favor, and don't try to open it in Safari (trust me, it's really not worth the effort). It worked fine in Firefox.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that :D I laughed, especially when that man with a pipe comes along in the frame. I don't know why but it cracked me up. And then the LandLady (so to speak), she seems like such a fun woman! All the time her husband was talking, she seemed about to burst into laughter! And when that first man speaks, you can mostly hear the old ladies in the back.

Oh and now to the important part: I saw your bump! And I saw you! And Thor! What were you holding? Was it a camera or a drink? Not that that's important.
Oh (again!) and the narrator seemed to be speaking really slowly, wasn't he? I even managed to understand a few words.

This was fun :)

roro sagde ...

I totally loved that! The clown! The cats! The art! The speeches! So fantastic. I'm *pretty* sure I spotted you - were you the cutie wearing a red sweater?

While I was waiting for it to download, Kate came in and asked "What are you downloading?" and I told her it was Danish porn. And then when the guy started speaking in Danish, she yelled from the other room "I thought you were kidding!"

madelyn sagde ...


it won't work for me on
my mac with firefox...
i shall try again shortly...

but i must say you have movie
written all over you
what with those engaging curls...


kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I'm glad you liked it! I also laughed at the man with the pipe... and the clown (who showed up very late, didn't stay very long, and kept a remarkably low profile for a clown). And the owners of the hotel are really nice, fun people. She in particular has also had a dream of owning her own b and b for many many years, so it was nice to see her enthusiasm...she seemed dazed by the idea that her dream was finally coming true. The narrator was speaking very slowly and clearly, which was nice. Oh, and I was holding a camera, and taking photos also of the listeners and of the speech itself.

Roro, yep, that was me in red. :-) And your anecdote makes me laugh. I've never seen any Danish porn, but I'd imagine that the production quality would be...well, maybe about the same.

Maddy, I can took me ages to get the movie to play on my computer. While Thor (who also has a Mac) got it to work right didn't even download first. I have no idea why you and I can't see it that easily.

And thank you for your kind words about my movie star potential. :-) when you see it, you'll notice that I'm playing against type with frizzy hair (I need a haircut, and it was really windy)!

Annemarie sagde ...

Wow, your 10 seconds of fame!!! Nice show, that's really local tv. My parents are currently following a soap opera at their local tv channel. Maybe this local tv guy could make a real life soap, so you can watch your friends and their B&B daily???

Scholiast sagde ...

Meget hyggelig! :) Looked like a nice place - and especially the couple in the matching jackets looked unbelievably friendly ;)

kimananda sagde ...

Annemarie, a soap opera could be cool. Not sure I'd watch it though...the weird camera jumps were making me a bit queasy!

Scholiast, it is a very hyggelig place, actually. The couple in the matching jackets (it could be worse, we could start wearing matching track suits) really made the place though, I think. ;-)