lørdag, marts 08, 2008

Testing the theory that air travel is safe in the third trimester

Yes, this is where I see how much stamina I have left (if any), and spend a week in Barcelona with Thor and Thor's dad (and Thor's dad's lady friend). In theory, there should be no problem with this. I am feeling fine, no complications that I know of, I'm not even that fatigued, baby not expected for another two months or so. About the most I can complain about is heartburn, which will presumably be the same no matter where I am. And I'm hoping my memories of Amsterdam a couple weekends ago (where I attempted to walk around to the extent that I always do when in a different city...and it was absolutely no fun, I had back pain that shifted to hip pain, then radiating leg pain, ending up in foot pain, nothing too severe, but in no way pleasant) will be enough to make me take it easy this time.

What's really sad is that the one thing I am worried about is whether I'll be able to blog everyday. That Blog365 thing really is an addiction. And unlike when I go for weekend trips, I have not written posts in advance for each day. I'd imagine I will be here as always (though more likely in the morning than in the night as is my usual), but if not, know that I miss each and every one, even those who don't read my blog.

*This is a companion photo to the one in the last post. That one is titled 'Bike with cat', and this one is 'Cat with bike'.*

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