mandag, marts 03, 2008

Natural history of a craving

First, I had just an idea, not more than that, purely conceptual, that some sort of dessert might be nice. I let this thought lie in the back of my mind. Knowing that there is in fact no dessert in the house made it easier to distance myself from actually trying to make something dessert-like for myself.

Then, I saw the last photo in this post. Please note Chloe's willpower, in not having even a single bite. The photo had the opposite effect on me. My idea became a full-blown craving, leaving me with no choice but to find myself something, anything, to satisfy my need.

I found milk, and cocoa powder, and am in the middle of savoring the resulting chocolate milk. It's actually quite good...but not quite what I had in mind when I first worked this idea into a craving.

As I drink, I find myself thinking of other famous blog desserts. Like this one. A dessert classic. Or how about this one? It's one of my favorites. It reminds me of my mom's treasured recipe for flowerpot, which is basically an Oreo cookie/whipped cream concoction that looks like potting soil, presented in a, yes, flowerpot, with a real flower or two sticking out the top, to give it that authentic plant look. Yep, that cake is just like flowerpot, only much, much more disgusting looking. Or of course, that other begetter of cravings, here. Actually it is for this post that I now have the cocoa, bought in order to recreate the peanut butter hot chocolate. So, thank you, Novel Nymph. Without you, all I'd have to satisfy my cravings would be...ordinary milk. Which would really be quite sad, and probably not very effective.

The last time there was dessert in the house was the weekend before last. A bit of Valrhona, shown in the photo. It was not gotten in response to any craving. I just have a boyfriend who occasionally gets me chocolate (proof, as if any were needed, that he's a keeper...of course the fact that I keep reminding him of this study might help my case a bit). It lasted 3 or 4 days, which is pretty good for me. Actually, that last layer lasted just long enough for me to take a photo of it.

4 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

I guess you should thank me for not posting delicious desserts ;)

And I should thank you for making me want to each chocolate when I'm still digesting my dinner (I was supposed to last another hour or so before I nip into the kitchen and get the cookie jar).
I need to start dieting I'm afraid. This sedentary life isn't very nice on my belly.

Lovely photo :)

kimananda sagde ...

Thank you! And you're welcome. And if you're worrying about your belly, I'd be happy to send you a photo of mine! ;-)

I'd say it's all worth it for dessert...yes, I still haven't had dessert, and would still like some.

Chloe sagde ...

i didn't know it had this effect on you. You should have emailed me, M who tasted it said it wasn't that good. I really think chocolate is good for the soul. I totally agree with the study (erm, if they need any validation from consumers, i am available).

kimananda sagde ...

It was your post, but in addition to several days of not having a proper dessert. Actually, I've only just today gotten myself some ice cream. It's been delicious!

And it's too bad the flan wasn't as tasty as it appeared to be. It's one of the all time classic desserts. As for the chocolate, I agree with the study as well...I'm convinced that with such great results, it has to be true! And if it isn't actually true, I'd refuse to believe it.