tirsdag, marts 04, 2008

What I would write about if I could remember what to write about

I have ideas for posts, on trips (to Vienna, Amsterdam, Møn), ideas for astrology experiments, food posts, social web pondering. But everytime I start to do anything, I then find that I've forgotten what it was that I was going to do. Not just blogging, but really, anything. All day this has been happening. Not that I wasn't absent-minded before, but never like this.

What would anyone suggest I do? Apparently, it's a normal thing, a sign that my brain is shrinking (no really, it is, though it should unshrink in, oh, around September or so, from what I can work out from various websites). As it is, I can't seem to work out how to make dinner (though the thought of heartburn is enough to put me off dinner at the moment), how to get the work done that needs to be done this evening, planning for my lessons tomorrow. So, for want of a better solution, I choose going to bed and sleeping deeply. Let's hope it's all a bit more manageable tomorrow (it should be...all things seem better in the morning, I find).

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I find that too (thank God!)...

Is this a biological thing to help a safe birth? God said: well, the woman needs to rest a lot, eat properly and stay healthy so what to do? I know, let's make her a little silly for a few months. lol

I wish I had so many ideas though. How about you get a notebook to write them down?

kimananda sagde ...

I've been told (but not read anywhere) that women don't need such a lot of brain power because they should be focused on basic baby care...which seems very off to me...I'd think women would need more brain power to better protect the baby.

And I often make lists of ideas for blog topics. The problem is that when I actually check the list (assuming I don't lose the list, which also has been known to happen), most of the ideas aren't as inspiring anymore. It's kind of like when you have an amazing dream, and then write it down when you wake up so as not to forget...it's good practice to write them down, but I never find them as earth-shattering when I read them later as I thought they were right after waking up from them.

Devil Mood sagde ...

True. Most of what you said ;)