onsdag, marts 05, 2008

What to write about writing?

I'm accepting Devil Mood's challenge, to present 3 writing tips. At the moment, I'm finding it relatively hard to write, which makes me an expert on giving tips, I'd imagine (sort of on the 'those who can't do, teach' principle).

1) Write regularly, even when you don't have anything to say. Which explains my whole blog at the moment, now that I think about it. A corollary to this is to also write when you have something to say, which seems like common sense, but seems to be, for me at least, the times in which it's hardest to write.

2) On the other hand, don't just write. Go out and experience things which you can then write about (or experience things while writing about them, or just while writing). Travel, develop interests and hobbies, immerse yourself in life, work on projects (or just work).

3) You will always be your own best reader. You know exactly what you mean by what you write. You can see what's worked and what hasn't. You find your humor funny, and your sadness tragic. Anything outside of yourself is welcome in addition to that, but your main drive should be you...otherwise, it's far too easy to get demotivated, as outside readers are fickle, and often very very busy.

Really, basic common sense (and very overlapping with Ms. Mood's list...which is not something that was planned). If you have any ideas to add, please do. If you have 3 ideas or more, consider yourself tagged.

*Photo info: This is from an artist decorated small hotel far far away, which will get it's very own post sometime soon.*

6 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

It's hard to write when one has / hasn't things to say. The middle term is the best. lol Seriously. When I have something very important to write about, I generally go blank.
I am my favourite, ideal reader, yes I am :)

kimananda sagde ...

That's very true, that the middle is the easiest to write about. Moderation does have virtues, or so they say.


Greg Mills sagde ...

Don't fuss about style in the moment. If you write enough, and teach yourself not be precious about words, you will write in your own voice in the by-and-by.

Also, don't write angry. It usually turns out crappy.

And air out your room from time to time, removing the ramen cups daily.

kimananda sagde ...

Removing the ramen cups? But...they are my muse!

I like the first one. Though I can never tell if I like my style of writing or not, at least I am sure that it's mine.

FourLegged sagde ...

I'll give it a shot:

1) Have fun. Write about something you enjoy and enjoy what you write. If you have to write about something inherently not fun, warm up with fun writing.

2) Don't let lost words stop your creative flow. Use a different word and fix it in the editing process. That brings me to my next point.

3) Writing is not about spelling, punctuation, or grammar. That's editing. The editing comes after the writing.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi bro! I like these ideas. Especially about not editing until a later stage. Sort of writing as brainstorming...the point is to get the ideas out there, not to judge them before they can escape onto paper (or screen).