søndag, marts 30, 2008

What's more scary?

I used to think that giving birth was the scariest part of pregnancy. But now, I've read about it, and heard about it, and it doesn't seem as scary (which is not to say that it isn't scary, just not as scary).

What is scary now is what if I'm really, really overdue, and end up walking around the size of a small continent for weeks after I should reasonably expect to already have a baby. But my other fear is that she'll arrive really early. I have far too much (non-baby related) that I want and need to do before.

I really can't decide which of these scenarios is scarier. Of course, the scariest is probably that I once again have nothing that I want to blog about which is not baby related. But then again, I did just come home from a childhood preparation course, so I suppose it makes sense.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

No matter what happens, you'll always find something to worry about, rest assured ;)

I think the premature thing is scarier because the other option is: yes, I'm like Oceania but the baby will be born eventually.

If you're more confident about the birth, I'm guessing you've decided on the birth options...

Bluefish sagde ...

I still think giving birth is scary and painful.

EKinDK sagde ...

Earlier would be a bit tougher, in my opinion, simply because there is so much to do! Little Dude is now two days past his due date (which technically means nothing), and while it's not scary, it is annoying and makes for lots of impatient stomping around.

I'm with you on this idea that the fears of childbirth pain have mysteriously disappeared; I think it's because I have such faith in my hospital and midwives. They strike me as so confident and capable! Have you gone on a fødselgang tour yet?

Chloe sagde ...

i am with Devil Mood, you'll always find something to worry about. After giving birth there is the scary fact that you will take the baby home, erm, forever, or at least until she is 18-20. That is scary.xxx

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, yep, there is always something to worry about, especially for me, as I'm such a worrier anyway. I'm more worried about the baby being really overdue because 1) she's at the point almost where she could be born and not have any complications from being early, and 2) I'm impatient, I want to her to be born as soon as I take care of a couple of projects which I'd like to finish before she is born.

And, yep, I had some idea of the kind of birth I wanted right from the beginning, and all the reading has made me more sure. I'm one of those silly people who doesn't want any painkillers that could affect the baby, so no epidurals, for example. So, it's strange that I'm not more scared! :-o

Bluefish, me too. I just don't think of it as scary in the same way as I did before being faced with the real thing.

EK, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has gained some peace of mind about the birth. Maybe it's normal for those of us who are about to experience it? I haven't gone on a tour yet, but plan to in a couple of weeks (when my leave starts). I'm looking forward to getting the 'lay of the land'.

And, it's good that you haven't given birth yet. Annoying, but remember, your little one has to wait until the 1st! :-)

Chloe, you are so right. Actually having a baby to car for, all the time, for the next few decades, now that is scary!

NotQuiteDanish sagde ...

Not that I'm an expert on these things by any means BUT he or she won't stay in there much longer!

As for the pain, well most people go and do it all again so whatever the degree of 'discomfort', it must be nothing compared to what that hard work brings.

Good luck with it all!

kimananda sagde ...

Now that is definitely true...somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks, and there will be a baby. I'm trying to focus on that baby, rather than how this baby will actually get out!

Greg Mills sagde ...

The hard part is everything after.

kimananda sagde ...

Yes, that would be the scariest. But there's more time to get used to that part. I think.