mandag, marts 31, 2008

kimananda (2008) (in press)


Spring, 2006. Write a term paper for a class. Write it quickly, but on a topic close to your heart (in my case, blogging...and tagging...and, well you can read about some of the details here, if you are so inclined). Do pretty well, grade-wise, on the paper, and feel generally quite pleased with yourself.

Autumn, 2006. Take advice to submit the article for publication. Scoff at the advice to submit it to a very very well-known journal in the field, but then submit it anyway. Don't revise it too much before submitting it, because of course it won't be accepted anyway. View it as a way to experience the peer review process.

Spring, 2007. Hear that your article has been accepted. Spend at least an evening rejoicing. Then read the peer reviewers' suggestions for revisions.

Summer, 2007. Spend far too long revising, and/or putting off revising. Despair at ever being done. Fail to understand what can be done to address the reviewers' very reasonable suggestions. Talk to all your friends about it. Send out e-mails for help (which go unanswered). Pull your hair out (metaphorically), and complain to your blog readers. Then, finish the revisions and submit them.

Still Summer, 2007. Find out that your revisions have been accepted. Rejoice, but not in the same exuberant way as for the original acceptance.

Autumn, 2007. After a few last-minute questions, find out that your part is done, the editor's part is done, and the publisher will be in touch to let you know when you'll actually be published.

Winter, 2007/8. Decide that you'll never hear anything, and that you'll never be published. By this point, the article is so old, and your interests have moved on, so you're not too worried. You can put the acceptance on your applications anyway.

Spring, 2008. Find out that you will be published, and when you will be published. Rejoice, and consider that you have only a vague idea at this point of what you actually wrote to begin with!

Summer, 2008. When you will become a published author. Risk being late for work in order to blog announce it. Yay!

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Gondul sagde ...

Congratulations! It is being published! Fantastic news :)

roro sagde ...

Congratulations! That's fantastic! And also a little hilarious that it took so long (them, not you - not you!)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Ah! At last! Congratulations!
It was really interesting to read about the process with perspective, even though I've been around for most of it.
Kim, I think you have just given birth...:)

Bluefish sagde ...


erin sagde ...

Yay! Congratulations :)

kimananda sagde ...

Gondul, yep, it's finally going to happen. Which is pretty awesome!

Roro, thanks! And actually, the revising took me a few months, so it's kind of hilarious on both sides.

Ms. Mood, it's been interesting to go through the process as well. And no, I've not given birth...but with the heartburn being the way it is, giving birth early is looking better and better....

Bluefish, thanks!

Erin, thanks!

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Fantabular :D

kimananda sagde ...

Yep, it is isn't it? :-)