onsdag, april 02, 2008

39x365 #20: Panda

Not from my childhood, but an integral part of my early adulthood. You have been the basis of a homemade religion, a player of many roles. Always a child magnet, your future undoubtedly includes tooth marks and drool stains.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm curious about Mr. Panda now.
I had dolls that I reserved to hit on them. There was a particularly big one called Paula. My Mum tells me every time I passed next to her, I'd slap her in the face. I'm not very right in the head.

kimananda sagde ...

Eventually, Panda will have his own longer post, especially about the religion of Pandaism. And I don't know about the not right in the head part. My brother and I were nicer to our animals and dolls, but we would tend to call them after their injuries and deformities. So, there were various creatures called 'armless' or 'legless'. In one notable case, there was a Holly Hobby doll who ended up known as 'faceless'. I honestly cannot recall how she lost her face, by the way. Hmmm...actually, we might not be very right in the head either, my brother and I. :-o