torsdag, april 03, 2008

Coffee with Venus

I'd blame this fascination on my present condition, except that I've been fascinated with her for a long time. On my Christmas holidays, circling her in her protective glass case in the Natural History Museum in Vienna, this fascination was solidified.

I want to invite her to coffee, to find out who she really was, if she was real, or an idealization, or a combination of the real and the ideal. I want to know if she is a representation of someone who holds a special role in her society. Of course, I want to know if she's pregnant (I don't think she looks pregnant, but some seem to disagree with me). I want to know what she thinks she represents.

In the meantime, I made do with having coffee with a group of real women, who symbolize themselves, and good conversation, and support. I did not feel I was missing out on anything, though the Venus of Willendorf apparently couldn't make it.

2 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

That's another image I should add to my Venus posts ;)

kimananda sagde ...

I think she'd make a great Venus. I mean, the images you've been using are also very beautiful, but this Venus is so real and sensuous. The problem would be that she's clearly an Earth sign, I think. So, you're off the hook. ;-)