søndag, april 20, 2008

Full moon madness?

Apparently, it's the full moon tonight. Which I wouldn't normally know anything about (unless I happened to go out at night at look up, and even then, I'd probably think, 'hey that looks pretty round...I wonder if it's full yet, or a day or so off?), except that my favorite pregnancy board is now full of posts of all sorts from women who seem varying degrees of sure that they'll go into labor around, oh, now. This goes along with all those who think that accidents happen more, and thus that hospitals are fuller during the full moon. Or that insanity is more likely during the full moon.

This is in contrast to controlled studies, which, if I recall correctly, show no correlation between the full moon and any of those things. Which doesn't mean that I won't try blaming the moon for my moodiness today. But I don't expect to go into labor anytime so soon. I did however check the calendar for all of my relatives for whom I could remember their exact birthday. None of us were born anywhere near a full moon, nor was there a pattern for when we were born, for example near the new moon. I blame it all on confirmation bias (which is generally an easy mark for explaining all sorts of weird beliefs).

The bottom line though, is that I may not believe in them, but old wives tales like this are intriguing (and of course, in some cases, do have a basis in fact). Are there any such tales that I'm missing about the moon?

*Photo credit: http://www.dta.it/gallery/moon_planets.html*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I was born in the waxing crescent, hence a Sun-Moon trine.

One thing I can tell you: there will be 2 full moons is Scorpio in a row, which is really rare. ;) It happens because this first full moon is in 0 degrees of Taurus.

How cool that you researched your relatives birthdays :) I think this would be a great time to be born because there's a grand trine in Earth signs.

I've paid more attention to the Moon, when I was going out with a Cancer. Full moons really got to him! I witnessed it.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

Moon's really the giant skull of a monster that once threatened the earth. Slain J.R. "Bob" Dobbs. it is also, according to the late lawyer Francis E Dec, Esq., where everyone's brains actually are, and our bodies are actually being controlled by Gangster Computer God Frankenstein Control Program, that has harnessed our very bodies to use as slaves on earth while piping some happy fake images of free will and whatnot to our brains in jars on the moon.


There are, on the internets, mp3s of various radio personalities who'd recieved his tracts reading them over the air, sometimes with eerie music in the background. I have them all on my ipod, as a playlist called Ganster Computer God, and I listen to it whenever I am feeling paranoid.

the moon is also the storage facility for the Air Loom after it was dismantled at its original Moorfields location, because they realized that by plugging it in to the Frankstein Control Program transmitters they could get a much better range, but it's pay-for-play, kinda like buying airtime on the radio, so the controllers of the Air Loom only use it on a few key internet celebrities to sway the zeitgeist int he desired direction.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

oh, forgot the link to the air loom info:

missalister sagde ...

Have you heard the old wives tales regarding choosing a baby’s gender? Apparently, in your case we can rule out conception having happened at night by the dim light of a quarter moon, else you’d be welcoming a boy in a couple of weeks. You can see if any of these held true for you here since it gets personal! ;-)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I wouldn't call it research. I looked through a list of full moons, and found which ones were closest to my relatives birthdays. Took 3 minutes, max. And I do like all the Earth signs which are around now. It'll be interesting to see her chart when she's here and has a set birth time.

Dok, the more I hear about the Church of the SubGenius, the more it reminds me of Scientology. You know, that whole Xenu thing. And the money-making priorities.

Miss A, I'd heard some of them, but not all. The ones I know, most (though not all) indicate girl. Thanks for the link!

doktorholocaust sagde ...

yeah, there are similarities, but there are some key things that separate us from our Xenu-fearing saucer-cult cousins.

A) We're an elaborate satire of religion and pop-culture that pretends to be a religion, they're a pyramid scheme that pretends to be a religion.

B) Hubbard's famous "if you want to make money, start a religion" remark that he made to several of his more-successful writer pals before starting Scientology was an idea he ripped off the SubGeniuses, which we got from various 18th and 19th century satirists.

C) we're a much better bargain at 30 bucks lifetime membership opposed to the tens of thousands the Scienos charge to declare someone "Clear" after subjecting them to years of brainwashing

D) we don't brainwash. in fact, many SubGeniuses are noted for having particularly dirty minds.

E) SubGenii are typically broke, and therefore interested in making money, because they spend all their money on comic books, pub-crawls, delicious gourmet eatables, weird toys, travel, porn, and whatever else strikes the individual as fun. Scientologists are typically broke because they fork over most of their income for more Auditing and secret-doctrine paperwork that could just be printed from the internet for free except they aren't allowed to do that.

F) we're funny. they're not.

also, though the official SubGenius printed materials do not admit this, much of the Church of the SubGenius was concocted as a parody of Scientology (and evangelical Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, Ordo Templari Orientis, Buddhism, and some other religions as well).

kimananda sagde ...

I can see the difference now. Certainly your church isn't creepy scary in the way that Scientology seems to be. I suppose though that I'm just not sure what the point is of any of it, real religion, marketing-based religion, parody religion. But then, clearly that's why I'm an agnostic/atheist.

On the other hand, my brother is also ordained in some mail-order way, if I recall correctly, and it is cool that he's allowed to conduct legally binding ceremonies, such as marriage. I'll have to find out what religion he's ordained in.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

probably the Universal Life Church, which all Subgeniuses are ordained in automatically if they want to be. I went for it, so I likewise can do weddings, funerals, brisses, faith-sickenings, layings-on of crowbars, and inxorcisms (putting demons INTO people, to drum up businesses for local exorcists, who give me a percentage of their profit), and other HOley-Man duties.

kimananda sagde ...

Yep, that's the one. I've just asked him about it.