fredag, april 25, 2008

Happy, erm, happy...erm, where are you again?

At some point, I decided that this would be a good day to give birth, because it's my dad's birthday. And of course, because it's a big day in Portgual. And then I found out that it's an equally big day in Italy. And now, I realize that it's also ANZAC day (why did it never hit me that ANZAC day is on my dad's birthday?) According to this, it was even a holiday for the Roman empire. How cool is that?

So, now, it's up to the baby to decide to be born. I'm just waiting patiently for something to happen. Oh, and if she isn't here today, then she has orders to wait until May. Which of course she'll obey. In the meantime, while I'm waiting, let me wish you all a happy (insert name of preferred April 25th holiday here).

*Photo from It is, of course, the 25th of April bridge, in my first adopted hometown of Lisbon. I used to regularly tell people there that it was a very nice gesture to celebrate the day, and to name their bridge in honor of my dad's birthday, but that really, wasn't it a bit much?*

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Marion sagde ...

Happy ***day to you too (to you two) :-)

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

i can't wait to see your new baby!!! i hope all goes well. xoxo

Devil Mood sagde ...

hehe Big day!
My 1st reaction was: is that San Francisco? I can never distinguish the two bridges.

Today's also Orthodox Good Friday!

Over here it's 30 degrees. I should really be doing democratic things, like making speeches and organizing marches and sit-ins. lol

Kirstine sagde ...

Congrats on the birth of little Idunn :) Hope everything went well!
Big hugs

wicked sure sagde ...

CONGRATS! And right on time!

Wonder if this is an indicator that she'll be an obedient child... or maybe it means that she's cool enough to know a good thing when it comes around ;)

Would call or send an sms, but I'm guessing it's a bit too late - you'll be needing all the sleep you can get - so this comment will have to suffice. Again, congratulations!

Smiler sagde ...

Yes, happy _____ day to you too! Are we almost done with April already? I was just getting used to the fact that it's April. You on the other hand, have had ample time to get used to being pregnant at this point I suppose. Big exciting times ahead for you eh?

I read several of your 39x365 entries and they're great! Is it a private challenge or a group effort? In any case I like it!

missalister sagde ...

Famous day, this day of your dad’s birthday! Lots of famous births and deaths and commemorations this 115th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar! Feels like just another day to me, though… And your baby, she seems to want to make her own big mark on her own big day apart from the clutter of events this day! She’s waiting, waiting, for just the right time as the suspense builds and builds, and just when you’re least expecting it…SPLASH! ;-)

Scholiast sagde ...

Wait - this means she was actually born today?!? wow - that's timing! :D And since it's Greek Easter I'll opt for the Happy Good Friday wishes :)

Greg Mills sagde ...

Nice. Good job Mom. Good job Baby Whoopsie.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

::cues up "Ave Satani," the Omen theme, in tribute::

Congratulations on your impending larva! Satanists actually do regard babies as particularly sacred and not to be harmed in any fashion, if the Satanic Bible is to be believed. They're held in high regard because they represent humanity at its purest, uncorrupted by social norms and driven completely by instinct.

I agree with them that Babies are creatures of pure instinct, which is why I regard them as biological weapons.

Devil Mood sagde ...

All is quiet over here so the question can only be:

missalister sagde ...

Quiet. Quite. Did she make it on 4/25? Or did she push it over the wire to 4/26??? Can't wait to hear from you when all is calm, all is bright, round yon Virg... when you've had some sleep in heavenly peace! :-)

Anonym sagde ...

Hi all

Yep - the kid came out 25. april at 12.56.
She is 49 cm long and weighs 2750 gr.
She is tiny but beautiful :-)

Kimananda is still at the hospital, with no internet connection.... oh horror oh horror.
I don't think, that she has gone without internet for several days in a row for
(she's got the shakes...)

So in shot: Kimanada and the kid says "HI".


Devil Mood sagde ...

Thanks for the update Thor!
I'm delighted for you both, congratulations! :)

roro sagde ...

Awwww!! Congratulations!! It's the strangest thing - I actually had a dream about you giving birth the night of the 25th (but hadn't read your post!)

We were at the hospital, but it was very avant garde, all shiny black walls and sexy blue lighting, like a club. Thor and all your friends and family were there, in colourful outfits.

You were wearing sunglasses and these big platform shoes and I was all "Kimananda - don't you want to take off your shoes?" and you were all "This is how the Danish do it, Roro." and I was all "Okay." and then you handed me your feather boa as they wheeled you into the delivery room. Crazy!

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh Thor, please tell Kim your daughter has a Leo ascendant :)
I think she'll like to know.

FourLegged sagde ...

Devil Mood - She also has a Leo uncle. :-D

Devil Mood sagde ...

FourLegged - Cool! You'll get along great and comb your manes together :D

doktorholocaust sagde ...

no internet for several days in a row!?!? are they trying to kill her?

Neil sagde ...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

peppylady sagde ...

I’m a member of 365 and one of my group I join was 40 but I only will be this way for two years.
So I thought I would check out the few members they are.

When I first saw the bridge picture I first thought it was the golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

Hope your dad and you enjoy your day.

Stop by for a visit at my blog,

kimananda sagde ...

Marion, thanks, same to you! Belated, of course at this point.

Vesper, all is well, and the pics are posted! :-)

Ms. Mood, it's easy...color. 25 Abril is red. Golden Gate bridge is international orange. And the San Francisco skyline/Marin headlands look nothing like Lisbon/Almada. And a Leo ascendant sounds cool.

Kirstine, Thanks! Hugs back. :-)

KB, it means that she was getting bored perhaps? And are you still planning a visit back to CPH sometime?

Smiler, I'm glad you like the x365 posts. It's not my idea, but of course the posts on this blog are in the same style. You can see more info at And, for the rest, big exciting times doesn't begin to cover it!

Miss A., yep, she was punctual. No, actually really early. And though I had said that it would be a cool day to give birth, it was definitely when I least expected it.

Scholiast, yep, today at lunch. :-D

Greg, thanks!

Dok, I can understand the satanist position on this. As for the weapon theory, I'm a bit too protective right now to even click on the link (though I think you've referenced it before, yes?) And, no they weren't trying to kill me, but it did seem that way at times!

Thor, tak for det, skat!

Roro, but the was just such a good color for you! But actually, it would have been far more interesting that way. As it was, I spend four days in the hospital wearing very unappealing hospital clothes.

Bro, a cool Leo uncle...don't forget that part. ;-)

Neil, they're up there! :-)

Peppylady, welcome! It was a very very interesting day, to be sure. My dad was really excited to hear of all the happenings as well, as you can imagine.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

yeah, the link goes to my big anti-baby rant. I of course realize that most of the internetted world regards babies as cute things, but I am in disagreement and have had unpleasant experiences with non-consensual baby proximity. Thankfully, yours is an ocean away and therefore not really a bother.

EKinDK sagde ...

Oh dear -- I am SO late in seeing this! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!!! What a pretty little treasure she is, and I am seethingly jealous of your short labor! (Me: 28 hours of labor, and then a c-section. HMPH!) I feel every prong of your fatigue and every wave of melting joy that you do. Yay for us.

kimananda sagde ...

EK, 28 hours? Yikes! To then have a c-section? Double yikes! However, the end result is such a cute little boy. And to think, because your guy was late, and my girl was early, they ended up with almost the same birthday after all.