torsdag, maj 01, 2008

The joys of one-handed typing

One of the first photos, at about a couple of hours old

I seem to have lost the use of one of my hands (actually the whole arm, but it's the hand that's important for typing). Right now, it's my left hand that has become disabled, but in a few minutes, the paralysis could shift to my right side. As I am very right-handed, this would be somewhat difficult, so I'll try to make it quick. I'll assume that the last post, and the comments there make it clear what strange ailment has befallen me. Well, you can't expect me to set her down, can you? She might get cold.

Still the first day, with the proud daddy

So, a quick official report: When I said in my last post that I was "just waiting patiently for something to happen", I neglected to mention that my water had broken some 3-4 hours before, and I had been told to go to the hospital a couple of hours after. I had not started to have contractions, by the way, so there was no rush. Contractions started on the way to the hospital (starting at 2-3 minutes apart, for those who watch hospital drama shows and want to know these things), became painful shortly after arrival to the hospital, progressed unusually quickly, led to all appropriate phases of labor, and at what would ordinarily be called lunchtime, I was suddenly a mother. Vital stats can be seen in Thor's comment in the last post, so I won't repeat them here.

What a difference 4 days makes

Then, rather than being sent home after 4-6 hours because of the strike, we ended up in the maternity ward for 4 nights, although both I and my daughter came out of the labor room perfectly healthy. It was a case of slightly low birth-weight (not for me, sadly...I'm still in my maternity clothes, and will be for some time) and lack of keenness to nurse leading to worries that she might lose too much and become sickly, leading to a very long drawn-out process of supplemental feedings, daily weighings, and all sorts of complicated things, all the while stuck, well, in the hospital. So, it was fairly surreal, and about 3 nights too long.


Otherwise, though, it was exactly what I had hoped for and envisioned. Namely a quick labor - my mother had very quick labors for both me and my brother, and I had long hoped that there was something hereditary there...apparently, there is. But not so quick that I wouldn't be able to use a tub - I labored in the tub for about a half hour or so towards the end, and would recommend it to anyone (even if you aren't in labor, or if you're not pregnant, or not a woman). And the end result, magical. Everything about her is amazing. I'm in awe at the sheer potential of her, she could become anything, beyond my meagre powers to imagine.

I'd tell you more...but you're not reading this are you? You're just staring at the pictures. I don't blame you, she is quite entrancing. Although I'll be trying desperately (and possibly futilely) to keep this not a mommy blog, I'm sure she'll be making at least occasional appearances.

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roro sagde ...

You're so right - I oooed and ahhhed over the pictures for a good while before noticing there was writing.

She's gorgeous! And so glad to hear the labor went well and that you got to use the tub!

missalister sagde ...

Oh you sound SO good! And the last picture in your post is pristinely, perfectly beautiful! Do tell, what did you name this exquisite creation???

Marion sagde ...

The three of you look so peaceful and happy! I'd be interested in how you would describe the smell of her.

Sarah sagde ...

Parabens parabens parabens parabens parabens. She is linidissssssima. Enjoy these precious early days, I miss them so much I'm having crazy second kid thoughts...

Simple American sagde ...

She is so beautiful. Congratulations to you and Thor.

One-handed typing. I remember those days. Eventually the paralysis goes away, followed by sudden sprints and warning calls.

Devil Mood sagde ...

My God these things are a miracle...I don't mean babies only, but the whole thing!

Yes, that small detail about the waters having broken might have send us directly to the right conclusion, but then the absense did!

Don't worry about the weight too much. I was born with that weight more or less and I was absolutely fine. Unlike most babies I never lost weight after the first weeks, so your little one will probably grow and grow and grow infinitely until she's 18. :)

And you don't look pregnant in that picture, I was very surprised actually.

I thought you weren't going to forget to mention the tub but I see it was an important part of the whole thing. Bless the tubs.

Aaah :)

erin sagde ...

I'm so glad you're all doing well!

doktorholocaust sagde ...

the invasion has begun.

I didn't look at the pictures. pictures like that upset me. glad yer well though. sorry to hear about the arm-paralyzing parasite. My mom had a couple of those. One for 24 years before it went away in 2004, the other has been there since 1990 and she's still got it.

They can get pretty big and run up the bills something fierce, which is why I have taken steps to avoid having any of my own. It is my plan of Celibacy for Slack - I don't do anything, so i don't have to do anything.

Anonym sagde ...

She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations! :)


Scholiast sagde ...

"så nyyyydelig!" - my son was watching this with me, and we agreed on this point :) She's sooo cute, adorable!

-- and in case the issue of blogging 365 is still important, I would think giving birth is a valid excuse...?

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

oh my goodness!!!! congratulations!!! she is so beautiful!

Bluefish sagde ...

She's so beautiful. What an adorable baby.

the writer sagde ...

Congratulations for you and your husband, she is lovely!

In a tub? Were you giving birth in the water or something?

kimananda sagde ...

Roro, yep, she is a gorgeous creature. And labor was far better than I feared it would be. But still really painful!

Miss A., I am feeling a bit more overwhelmed and down than I did when I wrote this post, but overall I think things are going well. As for the name, it isn't a secret (at least twice it's been mentioned by others here), but I feel the need to not mention it myself, for some reason.

Marion, sadly, my nose has been a bit stuffy since before giving birth. I do feel I'm missing out on this legendary new baby smell.

Sarah, thank you! :-) I'm already having those second baby thoughts, but only because of my age (which is to say that if I'm going to have more, it'd be better to do it sooner rather than later).

Mr. American, thanks! And I know what you mean about how it is later on...from the perspective of the kid, not the parent, but I can imagine.

Ms. Mood, I figured my absence would make it all clear. And I'm not worried about her weight...but everyone else seemed to. She's not sickly in any way. I'm not worried about my weight either, but I definitely look several months pregnant still. You just can't tell from the angle of the photo.

Erin, yep, we're doing quite well I suppose.

Dok, I like how you consider yourself to have been a parasite until you moved out. I can sort of see that, but as I think I've mentioned on your blog, the key point is that having kids is a choice, and being around kids should also be a choice. It sounds like it's a choice your mom decided to make, and I've decided to make the same choice. I suppose at heart, I really do want the species to survive. So, this is my small contribution to that cause.

May, thanks!

Scholiast, she is adorable, definitely. And I always knew that birth would throw a serious wrench in the blog365 works. I seem to be slowly getting to where I can find the time to blog at all though, so it may still be a sort of going venture.

Vesper, thanks! Though neither Thor nor I are ugly (I don't think we are anyway), we do seem to have together produced one who has way more beauty than either of her parents. I suppose it's always that way.

Bluefish, thanks! She is a heavenly creature, my daughter. :-)

Writer, thanks! And not giving birth in the tub (though perhaps I could have, I'm not sure though), but being in the tub for some of the contractions. The pressure of the water and the heat both help with pain. And it had been a desire of mine to use the tub for a long time...I have a post about it somewhere even.

Chloe sagde ...

i just got back from a trip and found out! She is so sweet! I can't contain my exclamation marks!
I look forward to this becoming a mommy blog, no problem at all.

phish sagde ...

CONGRATULATIONS! she's beautiful! seems like we know her already what's with so much written about her for so long. i wish all of you the very best. this has got to be the most fantastic time of your lives. live it to the fullest. and we want more pictures.

its an order :)

Anonym sagde ...

Oooooh, and aaah, and aaaaw and oooohh so cute :DDDDDDD

I believe, I'll let you guys sleep for some weeks, before I come visit :o)


maddie sagde ...

she is utterly exquisite ~
and I must say her features are
perfection beyond belief ~ she
looks like YOU!!!!

oh my god ~ i am just so
HAPPY for you and Thor:)

smoooches for your beautiful

kimananda sagde ...

Chloe, it's so cool to hear everyone's excitement over my beautiful daughter! And I really hope to not have a mommy blog, but time will tell....

Phish, you give good advice, which I will do my best to follow. :-)

Ms. Black Scorpio, you're welcome when you'd like, just let us know a bit in advance so we have the time free for you.

Maddie, she is total perfection, all potential and magic. :-) And smooches back from all of us.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

It is my belief, confirmed by no greater a sage than my own father, that what my mom really wanted was minions - she did not want to perpetuate her genes so much as her disdain for all life.

As with everything she has attempted, she has succeeded. I didn't turn out exactly as she wanted, for my dad has a sort of genetic indifference to cultural conventions and the expectations of others which I inherited, so while she may not regard me as a complete success, I still get the job done.