tirsdag, april 08, 2008

My eyes are bleeding

I love proofreading. Well, I am fond of it anyway. It's such a chance to look closely at language, to analyze my own assumptions on usage and meaning, and often, I get to look at cool documents that I otherwise wouldn't know about.

I hate proofreading. Well, it's a long and tedious process which tends to get dragged on for longer than it should. It makes me feel like my eyes are bleeding.

The next time I agree to proof a very very long document...I won't do it. Ever. Now let's see if I actually remember this post when I next get a request.

*Photo credit, http://www.preproof.bc.ca/*

4 kommentarer:

jdbauer sagde ...

I once was asked to proofread a 60 page paper for an Algerian woman. NEVER AGAIN. ESL is challenging. REALLY back breaking.

Meow (aka Connie) sagde ...

Hmmm, I know exactly what you mean ... I also love it, but hate it. I am such a perfectionist that it becomes soooo frustrating !!
Good luck with remembering this post next time ... lol.
Take care, Meow

Devil Mood sagde ...

Sounds exactly like my worst nightmare :)

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, luckily this was not at all bad to proofread. Actually, the overall feel and language were good, but there were a lot of little things. I have been in the situation where it's not so easy, and I gave up on doing that kind of work a long time ago. Life is simply too short!

Meow, yes, I also feel that love/hate thing. It's so detail oriented, but it is really fulfilling to take care of all the details in a thorough way.

Ms. Mood, it's mine as well, but more for the time it takes than for the work itself. And more the eye strain and back pain.