onsdag, april 09, 2008

A confession of sorts

First, I'd request that you read this. And then, maybe this. And then, just know that they're both still so very very true. Really, I can blog everyday, but writing one personal e-mail to someone a day? Or calling one person a day? Nah, too difficult! My intentions are totally pure, but follow-through is sadly lacking. Just keep in mind that if you have reason why you should be written to, then at some point, I will write to you. When you least expect it. Or maybe a few days later than that.

5 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

hehehe funny. ;)

erin sagde ...

Same here.

Kunstemæcker sagde ...

I know exactly what you mean. guilty as charged.

Annemarie sagde ...

Question: on which medium should I keep an eye when you're due? Blog? e-mail? sms on my mobile phone? facebook? phone? mail? Skype?* You seem to prefer certain communication channels :)
*(I probably forgot a few other possibilities)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, thanks! And I've written to some more on my list now...which is taking away a goodly amount of stress.

Erin, you too?

Kunstemæcker, you too?

Annemarie, I will be e-mailing about that. But I suspect that I won't be sending anything by e-mail until I'm home from the hospital. I'm hoping to learn how to use mobile phone blogging, so that I can post a very quick, 'yes, it's happened' post to the blog. So, here will be first, then a proper follow-up. Not for another couple weeks at least, though, I wouldn't think.