fredag, april 04, 2008

The mysterious bathtub-free land that I live in

How can it be that a whole country seemingly has no bathtubs? I mean, of course, there are people in Denmark who own tubs. There must be. I've just never seen their bathrooms. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks about this issue. In any other country, I'd think of someone as strange who was actually looking forward to giving birth...because their birthing room would have a tub. (Actually, all the birthing rooms in the hospital we're birthing at have tubs, except for one. Thor's primary job as birth partner is to make sure that I don't get that heinous tub-free that strange? Actually, maybe I'd prefer you didn't answer that question.)

I am developing a fondness for bathtubs that is far out of proportion to how I actually felt about them when living in a country where there were more of them. Maybe it's the possibility of bubbles. Or rubber duckies. Or just it's easier to miss something when it's gone.

*Photo: from one of the bathroom areas in that hotel in Møn. They don't have any bathtubs either.*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

I hope you get TWO tubs!
I was discussing this with Niall the other day. People in England have a lot of baths (they need the tub obviously) and I was telling him I have a bath about once a year, because here most people shower. We still have the tubs, in most houses...
And I thought of my Mother saying how bathrooms were different in Eastern Europe...they do vary a lot from country to country. It's funny!

Bluefish sagde ...

I hate not having bathtub! It's so retarted and every household should have one! I will make a petition in Copenhagen to have bathtubs installed:p

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

i don't know what i'd do without my baths!

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, two would be at the hospital, and one to take home with me! Actually, the sad thing is that I'm not someone who takes that many's just the idea that I'm not able to. In Denmark, I think it's just that bathrooms aren't very big.

Bluefish, that's a good idea...I'd definitely sign that petition!

Vesper, you might find it difficult in Denmark then. It's strange why there aren't more opportunities to bathe (as opposed to shower) here.

EKinDK sagde ...

I know exactly what you mean. It took me a while to notice, but now I'm fixated on it. At least things are better than when I lived in Poland in the early 90s -- you were lucky to find a shower curtain/door. And I am ALL OVER the birthing tubs at our hospital -- one in each room on the fødselsgang, I checked! GO, THOR, GO. SEEK THAT TUB.

madelyn sagde ...

i can't live without a bathtub ~
i LOVE my baths:)

with candles of course:)

Anne sagde ...

Actually I think the bathtub-shortage might be explained by the fact of the actual size of the bathrooms. Many of the cases I've seen, the bathroom used to be a hallway closet now converted into a toilet - with a small shower as well.

Bath-tubs might be more of a house than an apartment thing.

kimananda sagde ...

EK, it's good to know I'm not the only one focusing on this. And I've given Thor your instructions, and he's said he will follow them well.

Maddie, candles are good, as is a cup of tea. :-)

Anne, I can definitely see what you mean about old apartments with converted closets, but they're not the only ones. For example, you've seen that our bathroom was clearly made as a bathroom, and it's not too small, and yet it doesn't have a tub. I wonder if it's also just that it's seen as less necessary than just having a shower, so why bother to put one in? Really, I don't know.

wicked sure sagde ...

I know exactly what you mean! There's nothing so luxurious as soaking in the tub, esp on a cold winter's day. Missed that so much in Denmark and used to always look forward to the bath at home when visiting my family. Can only imagine the dissappointment if you get the only tub-less room. Have my fingers crossed for you.

kimananda sagde ...

It's so funny to hear that I'm so not alone on this one. And trust me, I will fight tooth and contraction-suffering nail to not get the tub-less room. :-o

jdbauer sagde ...

AW! Anytime you need a tub feel free to drop by. Yes I realize I'm about a 3 hour trip from you, but by all means. Bring Thor, some magazines and I'll make some smoothies.

I am the same way. Now that I have a tub I really appreciate it, while when I lived in New York I barely used it.

OK time to hit the tub before I head to the doctor.

Anonym sagde ...


There are plenty of bathtubs in Denmark, I've only ever lived in two places nine that didn't have a tub.

But yes, they are not everywhere, and there even was this trend in 1980-1990 where the bathtubs were yanked out of bathrooms because they used a lot of water (and we have to save on that) and were generally considered old-fashined and uncool - of course people soon realised that not having a bathtub sucks, so now they're putting them back in again.

May (sorry, don't have a google account)

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, you never know when I'll take you up on that offer. Actually, I'll be in Aarhus one day in the next couple of weeks...maybe I'll stop by on the way. ;-)

May, welcome! And it sounds like you've been lucky. I have considered that everyone I know just lives in older smaller apartments. But it is quite strange how seldom I see a bathtub in this country.

Anonym sagde ...

Thank you. I'm enjoying reading your blog, ans the blogs of other foreigners living in Denmark. I've just moved back after several years abroad and dragged my Greek-Cypriot husband with me.

The bathtub problem might be the location. I've mostly lived in western Jutland. I have a bathtub now, but it's so old and disgusting that we're not using it. I'm dying for good long soak.


kimananda sagde ...

Hmmm, then it could be a Copenhagen thing? Now I'm curious to know more!

jdbauer sagde ...

You're certainly welcome. If it winds up being after the 28th for some reason then I'll be in New York, but I'm sure you can arrange a soak with Sofie:)

And May - where in Jutland are you? I'm in south west Jutland. We really had to clean our tub when we moved in. I think the people who lived here prior thought it was a plant nursery. Could have been worse.

Anonym sagde ...

Me too. I'll definitely start to pay attention to whether people I visit have bathtubs or not.

jdbauer: I'm near Videbæk, so perhaps we're not that far from each other?

I gave our tub a good scrub as well, so I guess it's theoretically clean, but the enamel is so damaged and rough that it just looks too disgusting for me.

Our current bathroom is from 1953 and the size of a broom-closet, so we'll be making a new one and replacing the tub. I just have to be patient. :)


kimananda sagde ...

Awww...I love it when a blog brings people together. :-)

Jonathan, I'll be in Aarhus on Wednesday actually. Sadly, I won't have time to travel around, just go there, have my meeting, and then go home. It's my last trip away from Copenhagen until the birth.

May, It sounds like having a tub isn't enough...the tub also has to be usable. Good luck with your renovations!