onsdag, april 16, 2008

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

I've taken care of some last minute business, and am now truly ready to embrace being on leave. And I'm more than a bit overwhelmed. I can transform myself, in any way I wish, in this time that I will have. It's the time to start a true interior Spring cleaning (and, why not an exterior one as well while I'm at it).

Is it too late in the season? And where do I start? I'm feeling a deep need for some Camino de Santiago yellow arrows to guide my way.

*Photo: Yep, I took this on the Camino. I have no idea where I was at that point, but this could have been just about anywhere on the way.*

3 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

The trouble with having time is a possible lack of order. Now that I think about it, with Saturn in Virgo, people must be worried about organizing their time. I know I am but I still fail. lol

Just enjoy it and do what you feel like doing :)

missalister sagde ...

Oh gosh no it’s never too late in anyone’s season! I just have this overpowering urge to scream some words to you, but they’re words that are crackling with high voltage in my situation, to me with my particular personality and I’m mindful that I don’t know it all and that your personality is not my personality. So I’ll keep the volume low and unobtrusively whisper softly in passing my one thought about your new freedom: in Zen-like fashion in stillness, eyelids closed, eyes leaning forward looking in the dark at what is there, at what comes to you to do with your gift of time, and how to do it, and set it all out, the path you will walk to get there…and if the butterfly in you incessantly flits from the path, insisting on alighting on fruitless flowers, for godssakes get a net!

During this time, I wish you the most meaningful time of your life.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I have the order...but am not able to implement it. But how things could be ordered, that I have without any issues at all.

And I am trying to enjoy and go at whatever pace I want to. As it is now, I'm just really tired!

Missalister, scream away, that way it'll keep me alert! Actually, my one aim is to be mindful, which is not something that comes easily to me. But especially when I am both mother to a newborn and also pursuing some other projects which are important to me, it'll be good to be exactly where I am (so, a mother when I'm with my daughter, and something else when I work on the other stuff). It's a hard practice though! Maybe getting a net isn't such a bad idea....