torsdag, april 10, 2008

Where I confess to a materialistic moment

I have a strange relationship with material objects. I like many of them, yet feel that I should be a minimalist, without such objects in my life. It leads to some strange behavior. For example, I will buy the occasional big ticket item (like every few years when I replace my laptop computer), but have a hard time buying tiny things, like clothing or music.

So, on the rare occasion when I discover that there is something small that I need, that I must have, and when I then buy whatever it is, it's such a giant novelty, that I find myself obsessively into whatever it is that I've just bought. It can sometimes border on the unseemly.

Such an event happened today. It actually started a while ago with the stunning realization that, in order to be a cool modern mom, it would be necessary for me to get a truly kick-ass diaper bag. I didn't get this at first I was planning on using a bag that I already owned. Silly me. Add to this realization a visit to a big Danish babystuff store, with a store credit waiting to be spent, and you have all the makings of a classic shopper's high moment.

It's even more attention-getting because I have no intention of using it until I go to the hospital to give birth, when it will be my hospital bag. And it'll be a long wait, because I'm in love now. I didn't bring it out to dinner with a friend, but then mentioned it so many times, that my friend finally asked why I didn't bring it with me. I then declared my love for my bag to Thor many, many times, until I believe he stopped paying attention. I'm considering bringing it into bed with me. I'd show it to you, but then I'd have to take my eyes away from it to focus my camera. But you can see a photo of it here. It's much cooler (especially on the inside) than you can see from the link, though.

4 kommentarer:

Bluefish sagde ...

It is very pretty. I like color red.

roro sagde ...

It IS a gorgeous bag! One of our clients right now is a laptop bag retailer and I regularly spend time lusting over the bags on her site. Materialism be damned!

Devil Mood sagde ...

It IS for a modern mum! I was expecting pastel ;)
I am also minimalistic/obsessive. My latest obsession is soap. I cannot live without lovely soaps, so I bought a tiny bag of samples from Lush :) Fortunately, the obsession is waning now...

kimananda sagde ...

Bluefish, thanks! I'm growing more and more fond of red as time goes on.

Roro, I love laptop bags too. The problem is why have bags if you have nothing to put in them?

Ms. Mood, no pastel...not that I don't like pastel, but it's not kick-ass enough! One of the reasons I have a hard time buying things is just what you say, that obsessions do wane, and then one is left with whatever one bought during that phase. And then, I've just had to move house one too many times carrying loads of things that are no longer what I'm into. But I'm trying to get more compromise, as sometimes things can bring great joy. Just not too many things.