fredag, maj 09, 2008

39x365 #27: Suzanne

My classmate in London, conducting PhD research into bilingualism. You wrote a book on raising bilingual children, undoubtedly influenced by your own French/English speaking family. It occurs to me that I should be finding the finished product about now.

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Bluefish sagde ...

Interesting topic. They should conduct it in Canada. I speak 4 different languages at home and mix them all together when I'm having conversation with my siblings.

kimananda sagde ...

Bilingualism is interesting in general (I did some courses on it as part of a master's degree in linguistics). There is a lot of research done on Canada's bilingual policies, and also a lot done on code switching (the technical term for the type of language mixing that you have with your siblings). It's a neat area to research.

Bluefish sagde ...

However, bilingualism has also created problems for Canadians who only speak 1 language. French is not spoken except in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. That's if the families are French-Canadians. Otherwise, French is not used in many places unless there's a French speaking community somewhere.

It has become the language war and people who are stuck in the middle (me) don't really know where to stand in the issue.