søndag, maj 11, 2008

The simple life

I've always had a problem keeping things simple...I just expect too much, and worry too much, for the kind of relaxed minimalism that I find appealing. But it seems a bit easier now. Here you can see my menu for last week. We sort of kept to it, but not really. What else can be done to simplify life? What things do you do which you might recommend?

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Get a lot of vegetarian frozen meals to have for lunch. It really annoys me to waste time cooking or worse thinking about what to cook.
I've inherited this from my mother.
Speaking of mothers is is Mother's Day over there? Hope you had a good one.
That's a cute menu. What's stir-fry exactly?

On other notes, your "friend" Rui Costa played his last game today. They had a big party for him. It was nice because he's a real gentleman between thugs.

Anonym sagde ...

hmm sushi....any good sushi in Lyngby?

I always make stir-fry food unless it's weekend and I have more time to cook, otherwise no, I am too tired to do otherwise

Anonym sagde ...

i simply my lif eby doing what I feel like, when i feel like it (or as soon as possible if that's not feasible). Also? i don't write up a menu, even a vague one. I look at the food I have, and make a decision.

Marion sagde ...

writing to do lists - even if you don't stick to it, you spend a moment organising your thoughts and it makes you feel more in control - sort of... ;-)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I'm not much on pre-prepared meals these days, but I do appreciate them when they're good. And a stir-fry is when you heat stuff over high heat to cook it quickly. Most Chinese food is stir-fried, for example. It's quick to make a stir-fry...just take whatever veggies and meat you've got (and tofu is great in a stir-fry), add some soy sauce or vinegar or whatever, and cook it...no need for recipes and it's almost always quite good. And yay for Rui Costa. He deserves a fabulous retirement.

Writer, there is a Chinese/Japanese restaurant in Lyngby. I've had Chinese food from there, and it was alright by Danish standards. The sushi looked great, but as I was avoiding sushi while I was pregnant, I haven't tried it yet. I plan to, and will report back afterwards.

Dok, I find that if I have no idea of what I might cook, I end up with no food in the house. But I certainly didn't plan to the same extent when I lived alone.

Marion, to do lists, that is a good idea...I haven't made one of those in a while, and seeing my current schedule, it would be very helpful.

Smiler sagde ...

1. Omelets
2. Salad with grilled chicken strips or tuna (like a Nicoise)
3. Grilled Cheese with greens salad on the side
4. Spaghetti with butter, romano cheese and parsley
5. Soup

That's pretty well what my weeks look like because I'm too impatient to cook for myself.