fredag, maj 23, 2008

Coming up for air

I'm still amazed at the very human capacity to change. No, not change, but transform, so that it's like everything before the change is simply wiped away. And seeing the change happening doesn't make it any less mysterious, less magical.

In just four short weeks, I find that I've always been a parent, that my daughter has always been here, and will always be here (and has always been, and will always be, a newborn, so more transformative change is sure to come from that). This means, among other things, that it's getting easier (I wouldn't say easy, yet) to build routines, to get things done. Now, I just need to figure out when to blog, and what to blog about (mommy blogging still really not an attractive option).

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Hello little one, she's waving at me! ;)

How interesting that she has always been there, that's worth blogging about undoubtedly.

Today I found her resembling Thor too, after seeing only a couple of pictures from both. Anyway, I've never been very good on noticing that.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

I guess I have been a wasy awhile you wnet off and had a baby... ahhh!


EKinDK sagde ...

yes, the world of one-handed typing is a fine, fine realm, is it not? capital letters be damned -- my left side is cuddling the most wonderfully warm cooing bundle while my right pecks around the keyboard. i know what you mean about mommyblogging. my natural instinct is to rebel against it and just not post, but i think my cold, cold heart is melting... i do love seeing each new photo on your blog!

Anonym sagde ...

Ooooooh, the knautschability :DDDD

Hmm, I think it will not be before June that I'll swing by again ( next weekend, little pre-meeting tomorrow), but I'll definitely be there. Also, you people have fantastic espresso :D


FourLegged sagde ...

That is indeed the most beautiful little girl in the world.

Happy Towel Day to you all.

doktorholocaust sagde ...

Towel DAy! Time for some pan-galactic gagrgleblasters and avoiding anything resembling "responsibility," which would of course include anything resembling children. acting like children, however, is perfectly fine. especially if it's very drunk children.

what I wonder, and perhaps this does fall under the "Mommyblogging" category, is what's Denmark like for kids? My experience as a kid int he 1980s in the US was that it was all cartoons and officially licensed merchandise and sugary breakfast cereals and then video games came out and those were fun too, and at some point you're just supposed toto stop all that and magically know how to be a responsible adult because the information was piped into your head by pink laser or something (I'd like to thank PK Dick for the pink info-laser image, as it comes in ever-so-handy).

is it the same in Denmark? are the little larvae just a back door to Mommy and Daddy's credit cards, or is childhood something wholly different?

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, you may be right, she may well be waving at you...or waving away the evil papparazzi mommy who keeps taking her photo. And I don't know if she looks like Thor or like me or like someone else. But it's interesting to speculate about it anyway.

Day, it's so good to see you back! And thanks!

EK, I know what you mean about babies making the cynical non-cynical. But I still don't want to end up with a mommy blog!

Ms. Black Scorpio, whenever you have time, you are welcome. :-)

Bro, that she is! Happy Towel Day to you, too.

Dok, that's a good question. On the one hand, not many are as consumeristic as Americans, but on the other hand, children are raised with the same overconsumption most places in the developed world, so it's probably not that far off. I may have to explore this a bit, and maybe get a post out of it at some point.

jdbauer sagde ...

Beautiful little angle she is. And you are so going to "transform" this blog into a mommy blog. It's already been one for 9 months! :) But it's a cool mommy blog. Just no baby recipes please when she goes to solids. Links. But if I see just one økologisk creamed carrot recipe I'm runnin to the hills! Kidding.

jdbauer sagde ...

HAHAHAHA did I write angle? I meant angel. One month old and I bet she can type better than me.

Scholiast sagde ...

You can blog any dreams you might have the few hours every night / day that you get to sleep ... ;)

(As long as you post pictures of her we won't know what you're writing anyway ... so how about it - you just re-post earlier posts? tihi)

doktorholocaust sagde ...

'nother good question: how does one determine what is OVERconsumption, when the care, feeding, and comfort of a child is involved? Parents investing a lot of resources in the well-being and overall happiness of their larvae will of course insist that their spawn is worth every penny (I'm leaving my babies-have-mind-control-powers theory out of this, for now) because they (particularly the mother, natch) have ALREADY put a considerable deal of time and effort into the child, so, due to cognitive dissonance if nothing else, the kid MUST be worth it because they've already put so much into the little tyke.

if i had a kid, they'd have a GPS tracking unit and a robotic walker/buggy/thingie that can go up and down stairs and electrocute anyone trying to handle the baby without a key-card and 9 digit access code, and they would be worth every penny because they'd be my little psychosocial experimentation test subject and no one else's.

the writer sagde ...

I probably belong to the member of the baby-phobia minorities. I still shudder at the thought of having a baby *sigh*

maddie sagde ...

i love her little kim~face:)

and i love mommy~blogging

if YOU are the one doing it ~
because you are so fabulous:)

doktorholocaust sagde ...

@The Writer: you're not the only babyphobe - without getting into absurd conspiracy theorizing (which I easily can, when babies are involved), I will say that I have no love for the creatures, and am often afraid of them (as disease-spreaders) and mad at them (for disrupting my work when people bring them into the office).

I have no problem with Kim's baby specificially, as it is safely lodged halfway around the world from me and cannot disrupt my life in the slightest.

Vanessa sagde ...

I've been only lurking and not really commenting lately, but I must say that she is absolutely lovely!

Chloe sagde ...

oh mommy blogging is fine. bring it on. xx

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, actually I'm thinking of making this a baby recipe blog. ;-) But then again, how many ways can you say, 'boil the shit out of (insert name of food here), then mash it up and freeze it in ice cube trays'? So, maybe I'll just keep on the way I have been.

Scholiast, old posts with new photos...I like that idea!

Dok, I'm not sure what overconsumption is for babies or for adults. Certainly my own personal idea of consumption has changed a lot since my childhood. I like the idea of keycard access to the baby, however.

Writer, I can understand that. Is it a minority view? Certainly, there is nothing wrong and much right with the child-free movement. There's no pressure for anyone to have kids, or there shoudn't be any pressure anyway. I've always felt that babies can be avoided if that's what's preferred. Which probably means that we'll have to wait a while to meet for coffee, and I won't be able to leave my scary little one for a while.

Maddie, thank you! :-)

Vanessa, thank you!

Chloe, I appreciate the thoughts, but I'm still trying my very best to resist the whole mommy-blogging thing. Wish me luck with that! ;-)