søndag, maj 25, 2008

Happy Towel Day!

It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since my last post about Towel Day, that day where we remember all the greatness that was Douglas Adams. Today is coincidentally also Geek Pride Day. Consider that anyone who celebrates Towel Day therefore also celebrates Geek Pride Day, sort of by definition. Kind of a two for the price of one.

It hit me earlier today that this day last year was also the day I flew home to California to spend a last bit of time with my mom. It's amazing to think of all that has happened since then, stuff that clearly is yet to be sorted through. What has marked you over this last Towel Day year?

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Scholiast sagde ...

Happy Towel Day too! I'm sure you've never used as many towels as these days...

This day last year I was leaving California, just as you entered it :) And since then... Well, I've quit my job, had a couple of exams, and not least - seen Rufus Wainwright 5 times (and counting!) -- I'd say it's a good year :)

And in case you haven't noticed, your daughter is bayooooootyfull :)

doktorholocaust sagde ...

with the aid of some self-applied corrective phrenology, I am less the person I was and more the person I want to be than I was last Towel Day.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Wow, what a year for you!

Well, the only thing I remember about last year's Towel day was the fact that you posted about it and I heard about it for the first time. My year hasn't been exceptional but some things were nice and hopefully it will lead to even better things.

Jack sagde ...

Happy Towel day. A good towel is worth a lot. :)

Greg Mills sagde ...

I remember nothing before Chewy.

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Offtopic, but I have a feeling that you may like this one :o)


kimananda sagde ...

Scholiast, we proudly had burp towels, actually, to fit our new lives into the occasion. And we do use quite a few...assuming we can find them. I'm only now learning to just carry one with me wherever I am, whether the kid is with me at any given moment or not. Cause all the big spit up happens when there isn't one within reach, as I'm sure you know.

Dok, self-applied corrective phrenology? So, you've been hitting yourself on the head? ;-)

Ms. Mood, you've had some cool happenings this year, new businesses and everything. I look forward to seeing what great things you get up in this next towel year. :-)

Jack, welcome...I haven't seen you in ages.

Greg, was there anything before Chewy? Surely that's just a rumor.

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks for the link!