mandag, maj 12, 2008

The whole world is shrinking

And actually, it's quite alright. Everything I focus on, obsess about, is something that I've never had the opportunity to consider before. So, maybe my world is actually enlarging?

Some things in my newborn world which have recently amused me and/or made me happy: baby hiccoughs, that cool sort of Sufi-like dance which newborns do in light sleep, every tiny outfit, all the eagerness to visit the baby and all the visitors, testing early reflexes, taking advantage of a sleeping baby's limp limbs to lead them in dance moves (disco is a particular favorite), paparazzi-ing the baby, everything which goes into the baby, and even everything which comes out.

10 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh that's fantastic!
What pill should I take to have that too? ;)
Maybe it's that hormone we were talking about before. ooh, that sounds like such a long time ago!

wicked sure sagde ...

I'm so glad I got to be one of those visitors - thanks again. She's so cute and you're both already great parents. Long live baby-disco!

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I don't know that this is just oxytocin (well, maybe some of it)'s just all very new, which makes it really exciting. And as for pills, it's more a question of what pills to stop taking. ;-)

KB, it's always good to see you when you're in town. And thanks for all your lovely compliments! :-)

Greg Mills sagde ...

Now that's some kind of little pink bundle of dynamite you got there, lady. She's got them outlaw eyes.

Chloe sagde ...

saying "my daughter" isn't that the most amazing thing? I saw it in your tags and thought what a difference a few weeks make.
She is perfect. x

Smiler sagde ...

I don't believe I've sent you my congratulations yet, so bravo and welcome to your little wee one.

Anonym sagde ...

possible captions.
Thor: this one looks ripe....

Baby: Holy @*#(! lookit his boogers!

Baby: I've got head-explody!

all i can come up with right now. my LOLification gland is underfed.

Adam sagde ...

Hah, she's adorable kim. And depending on where Ida's living when I go up to visit her in late summer, we might be close enough to meet you half way for a day-trip. Just a heads up. :)

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Oh, yes, the World of Tiny is Great and Big and Full and Allencompassing and Miraculous :DDDDDD I could watch her for decades!

kimananda sagde ...

Greg, she is a bundle of dynamite. I think she looks rather like a kewpie doll.

Chloe, it is pretty amazing, actually. And she is perfection itself. I wonder how long that feeling will last? Do you still feel your son is perfect, or is this just a newborn thing?

Smiler, thanks! :-D

Dok, I hadn't thought of captions, but I'm glad you enjoy the photo. ;-)

Adam, she is pretty cute. And I've gotten the heads up thought was that you both should come to Copenhagen for a weekend. We'd all love to show you both around.

Ms. Black Scorpio, YES! That's it exactly! And I hope you come by again or we can meet up and drink coffee and stare at her some more. :-)