fredag, juni 27, 2008

Happy (almost) birthday!

Yes, it's almost that time again. On Monday, this blog will be officially 3 years old. And what a year it's been. Between the periods of everyday posting and all the big periods of no posts at all, my poor blog must feel very confused. It'll be interesting to see what happens over the next year.

In the meantime, here's a list of my main achievements over the past few weeks. I've actually managed to...

...finish a book. Yes, a whole book. Alas, not a very complicated one, but still.... on-line. You can see part of my biggest purchase being modeled by my personal fashion model. The scarf, compliments of Devil Mood's Etsy shop (I can't seem to link to Etsy at the moment, but you can get to it through Ms. Mood's site)

...see a movie. Not in the cinema, though cinemas here do have 'bring-your-baby' showings of films on one morning a week. On the computer. breakfast and/or lunch on most days. Some days, I manage to eat both.

What I haven't managed to anything of any depth, write (including e-mails), blog. Or go on holiday. I'm off now to remedy the lack of holiday, and will see how much of the other things can get done over that time. I'll be away from the internet, so I can guarantee a continuing lack of posts for at least the next week.

12 kommentarer:

roro sagde ...

I think those all sound like stunning accomplishments - but none so stunning as your daughter in that scarf. Sassy!!

Hope your holiday is wonderful!

Devil Mood sagde ...

Again that is the best photo ever :) hehe
Oh I'm so envious, you're going on holiday. Where are you going? I need to know because I'll be having vicarious holidays this summer it seems. bah.
Giving your brain a rest sounds good right now. But I always wonder if it will ever work again? (I wonder in my case, since I seem to have lost complex abilities lately lol)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh and happy (almost) birthday House of Fortune!

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Aaaaw, she is already such a lady :D And three years is Methusalem-old for a blog, congrats on that :D

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

sooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

doktorholocaust sagde ...

IT'S COMIN' RIGHT FOR US! I mean... er... yes, that is a baby.

don't they get real movies over there in Denmark, like The Dark Knight, Wanted, and the SAW Sequels?

Nichole sagde ...

Hi Neighbor! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree it's nice to see people that are so close out here in blogland.

That is the sweetest picture and congrats on your 3 year old blog!

Greg Mills sagde ...

In Oakland, there's a revival theater that does a toddler night. The great part is they serve pizza and beer. Not to the toddlers, but to the parents.

Instead of movie seats, they have love seats, so you can just flop down and spread out.

I love, love, love the purple... frock... thingie. Very Pride parade.

Vanessa sagde ...

Happy birthday!

Anne sagde ...

Such fashionable attire. I can tell she will get far in Milan and Paris :)

Yay for three years of blogging!

theblackscorpio sagde ...

... and welcome back to the country :o)

By the way, my blog is not dead, it just looks dead. There needs to be a www. before the address. I've asked the server people, they say it should work without the www, but it doesn't. Also, coffee?

kimananda sagde ...

Roro, yes, sassy is the word. Sassy and fussy! :-)

Ms. Mood, yep, holiday. They were fun, but not very long. I wonder about the work stuff as well, and am grateful that I can take my time about it.

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks, and I have seen your blog recently, but am just too lame to comment. And I love coffee...just text me...maybe this weekend? Or next?

Vesper, thank you! :-)

Dok, we get real movies, just that I'm not yet going to the cinema. I'm thinking of seeing Dark Knight in Babybio format next week.

Nichole, thanks, and welcome!

Greg, that sounds cool. But no beer for the toddler? I'm sure my half-Danish spawn will be all about the beer by the time she's a toddler.

Vanessa, my blog and I both thank you!

Anne, she has the most amazing wardrobe. Probably because I didn't buy any of it! I hope you like the next post's photo as well...that's her most fashionable top.