torsdag, juli 31, 2008

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

My favorite Douglas Adams quote, just because it describes so much of my life. And because I sense that he really meant it, and also really lived it (his writer's block seems to have been legendary).

For example, with this blog. Would you believe me, dear reader, if I told you that I had forgotten about it? Well, o.k., not totally, but almost. You see, I have been writing a daily post for the past month, just not here (and not in a public forum), and it only occasionally has hit me that I haven't been here.

That should change soon...but I make no guarantees, just because, what do I really have to talk about? I seem to be restructuring my life from first principles, which is very exciting. To me. To anyone else, well, probably not so much. But I miss this forum, so I'm setting a deadline, of sorts. I hereby promise to write at least every month on this blog, preferably every week. Every day is probably not realistic at this point.

So, now let's see what happens.!

*No, this post is not about her. This blog is also not about her (I keep her stuff for the private blog). But, really, how else can I entice you all to stay long enough to read this?*

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Bluefish sagde ...

Hello, you're back. I thought you were on vacation or something. I loved bloging when I first started. Now it's getting out of hands. Nasty comments everywhere and people telling me not to read their blog, without giving me any reason. It's really a bad place.

I thought blogging can help me to find expats in Denmark. However, it doesn't seem the case. Well, I hope you'll have a pleasant weekend. Take care.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Hi there!
I think it's great that you're writing to yourself. My mother wrote frequently when I was little and it's incredibly satisfying to read it now, at least for me.
Not that I haven't missed your blog, that goes without saying.

Bluefish that sounds like blog hell. How awful :(

Bluefish sagde ...

Devil mood: it is indeed hell because some blogers don't know how to respect others.

Kimananda: I will visit the catle that you mentioned in Naestved.

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

missed you! your little girl is so adorable!!! and her wardrobe is stunning! :)

kimananda sagde ...

Bluefish, nope, I'm here. I hadn't been to your site for a long time, but have been since. It looks like your wedding plans are coming along really well! And you can certainly read my blog and comment whenever and however you'd like. As for meeting expats, you can certainly meet people through blogging, but have you considered yahoo groups like foreigners in Denmark?

And, the castle is really lovely. And, I can't remember if I answered you about where we stayed. We were on the island of Enø, which was very relaxing, though probably not worth a trip just to see it.

Ms. Mood, actually, it isn't just to me, it's to family both in the States and here. It's become a sort of memory book for my daughter when she is older. It's cool to here that you have had some similar experience.

Vesper, thanks! And yes, we got a lot of clothes from a variety of sources, hand-me-downs and gifts, from people with great taste in clothing. The top and shorts here were knit by Thor's mom for her goddaughter at some point in the 70's, and it has somehow gotten passed down to us. And the booties are by Devil Mood's mom. So, something old and something new! :-)

Bluefish sagde ...

I will check out Yahoo! Group. Thanks:)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Well, actually I (it is I...) knitted those booties, my friend ;)

kimananda sagde ...

Hey, Ms. Mood, I didn't know that! Didn't your mom knit the others? I just assumed the same 'ownership' of the creation. Now, they're even cooler. :-)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Yes, you're right, she knitted the first ones before I learnt how to knit booties, now I do :)