onsdag, november 07, 2007

More election pondering

There's a lot of this election signage going around, outside of train stations, on fences and railings, across bridges. I find it fascinating, to follow the vibe of the election, what the parties are saying, and might be thinking.

I track how the passers-by have clearly interacted with the signs. Right-wing party candidates are far more likely to have their signs vandalized, I've noticed. Defacing the right-wing, anti-immigration Danish People's Party's placards and posters is actually somewhat of an art form, which I will eventually have my camera with me to photograph examples of. Actually, I could create a post just to talk about all the ways in which this party and its values are distasteful. And probably will.

I enjoy how the far left and far right tend to wrap around and meet each other on the other side. For example, the Danish People's Party and far-left Enhedslisten united in their rejection of the European Union.

I savor the headlines after debates between the two candidates for prime-minister, extolling all the errors and possible errors which each candidate made. The tabloids make it very clear, 'Fogh lied!', 'Thorning-Schmidt lied!' Eventually, I hope to make time to watch the debates myself, but for now, the spin is so much more fun.

I find out what the nine major parties are about, and then pontificate about them. Will Asmaa Abdol-Hamid's candidacy split Enhedslisten? Who will the New Alliance party give support to? Why did Helle Thorning-Schmidt ever think she could make an alliance with the Conservative Party?

In short, this election is exciting and interesting to me. It would all be so much more meaningful though, if I had the right to vote.

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LeighAnn sagde ...

Wow...they don't leave any space...do they?

I hope you are doing well. Denmark must be such a beautiful place. Maybe I will go there next!

kimananda sagde ...

Leighann, no, they don't. And yes, Denmark has a lot of beauty...I would recommend it! :-)

Devil Mood sagde ...

There aren't so many political parties in America, are there?

It's great that you have a different viewpoint from the Danish themselves because you can pick up on those details very easily. Sometimes we're too caught up in our parties and can't distance ourselves to give these issues more thought.

Did you eat chestnuts in Autumn when you lived in Lisbon? It's the season now and I just love them :)

sangroncito sagde ...

How civilized to have more than two choices in an election!

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, there are actually, it's just that the small ones are so small that they don't have any chance of getting any victories on any but the most local of levels. In other countries I've lived in, there are more parties with some influence, but still there seem to be two parties which are the primary ones. So, Venstre and Socialdemokraterne here in Denmark, or the Socialists and the Social Democrats in Portugal. Yes, there are others, but how much chance is there that there'll be, for example, a prime minister from one of those parties?

As for the chestnuts, I've always liked the idea of them, but the texture is horrible! I could never really eat them as a result.

Sangroncito, yes, that's true...but as explained above, it is ultimately a choice between the main left-wing and right-wing parties. I like the idea of the support party though.