lørdag, januar 05, 2008

More chocolate?

I believe I'm beginning to sense a pattern. The book, A Natural History of the Senses, by Diane Ackerman. The passage, chosen totally at random, from a passage entitled 'The psychopharmacology of chocolate'. It starts, 'what food do you crave? Ask the question with enough smoldering emphasis on the last word, and the answer is bound to be chocolate.' Following is a several pages on the history and chemistry behind that marvelous substance.

Is this, however, the food that you crave? I certainly like chocolate, but truth be told, the following section in the book 'In praise of vanilla' is perhaps more to my particular taste. Garlic and especially ginger also feature heavily in my cravings. And comfort food, peanut butter (if I ever really need proof of where I was raised, that's probably it), pasta with elaborate sauces, or just with butter, or just with parmesan. Cheese on toast. For my sweet tooth, ice cream. Whenever possible, new foods that I cannot even imagine before they present themselves to me, or I stumble upon them. However, all that said, I do have the occasional craving for chocolate (dark or white, not so much all the stuff in between).

And what about you? When you find that only a certain food will suffice, what food is it that inspires such passion? Do you agree with Diane Ackerman's assumption that we are all chocolaholics?

2 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

It's cheese, always cheese. :)
And chocolate comes next. Coffee after lunch. And bread...I go nuts without bread. ;)

kimananda sagde ...

I tend to put cheese on just about anything. Bread, too. I forgot to mention soup in my post, but I'm on a soup kick at the moment as well. Basically, the bottom line is, food is good. :-)