torsdag, januar 31, 2008

More needless domesticity

So, last Saturday, we stayed at home and defrosted the freezer. This evening was given over to trying out our new washer/drier (yes, we got it). First, the washer. Then the centrifuge. Then the drier. Each step of the way accompanied by instruction reading, discussion over which setting was best. Not to mention deep questions like how much detergent to use, and in which small plastic compartments to put it, how much laundry can be washed, or dried in one go. It was not un-fun, but I'm not sure how much more domesticity my life can stand. At the very least, it continues to be impressed upon me the extent to which I now live (and have the lifestyle of someone who lives) in the suburbs.

The verdict? The drier isn't very powerful, but otherwise, I'm pretty impressed. It's also much quieter than I imagined it would be. At one point after the wash was well underway, and we had gone to another part of the apartment, Thor suddenly emerged, said 'I can't hear it. Is it still running?' and went out to check it. Not in itself unusual. But keep in mind that this is the same man who finds the idea that anyone would want to actually check on their newborn's breathing to be totally mystifying. Well, everyone's priorities are different, I suppose.

The photo shows our justification for buying a washing machine/drier. I am totally aware that any money we would otherwise save on cloth over disposable has already been way more than used up for this expensive piece of household machinery.

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erin sagde ...

But on the upside, you will have a nearly inexhaustible supply of cleaning rags for years to come. I think it took about 15 years for my parents to finally use up all the diapers I wore.

kimananda sagde ...

Hmmm...very, very good point. And, in the short term, I can stay in the house and do laundry, rather than taking loads of laundry and a baby in a sling to the machines we were using before.

Devil Mood sagde ...

'I can't hear it. Is it still running?'


But it's true what Erin said, I still have old diapers in the dust rags drawer. They were mine most likely.

kimananda sagde ...

I don't recall any diapers being used for cleaning when I was growing up. I seem to recall that we were more of an 'old t-shirts with holes in them' kind of family when it came to that sort of thing.

Novel Nymph sagde ...

i did not know you were having a baby...i think i read right from the babystuff posts! omg! congratulations!


kimananda sagde ...

Yep, that's right, due in May. Thanks for the congrats! :-)