onsdag, februar 06, 2008

My toothmeat is bleeding.

According to Thor (who has decided that he will stay next to me and watch me until I am in this way nagged into going to bed), I cannot say that my toothmeat is bleeding. But I just did, in writing even. And it's true. My toothmeat is bleeding. A symptom of pregnancy apparently.

Which is to say, I am growing quite fond of this over-literal language that I have been learning for the past few years. Some words which I especially like:

Danish word literally translated/real English translation

breast wart (this is one of the classic examples)/nipple

dust sucker (this is the other classic example)/vacuum cleaner

and of course toothmeat/gums

And don't get me started on farting. By which I mean the Danish word 'fart', which of course means 'speed'. Which is not really so funny...but all the compounds using it are. Like:

fart pilot/cruise control

hyperfart/warp drive (as in the first Star Wars, where Han Solo takes the Millenium Falcon into 'hyper-fart'

fart stripes/racing stripes (as found on the sides of racing cars)

fart control/an area of road with speed measuring devices

Now, if I could think of more, I'd have an excuse to stay up. Not having any more, I'll just end here and 'go look at covers' (English real translation, go to bed).

4 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

hehehe languages are crazy, specially when we find these 'false-friends'.

kimananda sagde ...

Yep...though these are not so much false friends as just very literal translations. I'm sure English has its fair share of those too, but of course as it's my native language, it won't have that much of an impact on me.

roro sagde ...

Hahahaaa! I'm giggling like a 12 year old boy. Hope your toothmeat heals up soon!

kimananda sagde ...

Roro, that's how I feel about hyperfarts, too. And my toothmeat is o.k., but apparently one of the many things that happen with pregnancy hormones is bleeding gums. Nothing too painful or anything.