torsdag, maj 08, 2008

The grossest job on Earth?

It had never hit me before just how much of motherhood is concerned with bodily fluids. Not to mention bodily solids and bodily gasses. Really, when the biggest laugh of the day concerns a combination of crying and actively smelly projectile diarrhea farts, well that must mean that you've become a mother. Can any experienced parents let me know about how long this phase can be expected to last?

Thor to our daughter: You are so young, and yet you are already an expert in chemical warfare.

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Devil Mood sagde ...


erin sagde ...

Alright, that made me laugh. I'm sure it passes eventually. :)

roro sagde ...


I wish I had some words of wisdom on this score, but I'm laughing too hard to call my own mom and ask. Hope it passes sooner rather than later! So funny to read about - less funny to clean up after.

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

totally! you so reminded me of when my son was a newborn! so icky, yet as a mother you get right in there.

missalister sagde ...

Ooh, lordy! Maybe you should have held the side of onion rings! ;-)
Loved Thor’s comment!

Anonym sagde ...

according tot he unquestionable on pain of death advice of Ma Holocaust, it lasts into adolescence in some form or other.

see, Thor agrees with me. I've been saying babies are chemical/biological warfare weapons for years, and only NOW do people believe me.

o'course, in my family, we hone and train those abilities into sonic blast attacks, defensive scent sprays, and the like.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, yes, exactly! :-)

Erin, I hope you're's funny now, but the novelty will surely wear off very quickly.

Roro, it was funny enough that the clean up wasn't so bad...this time.

Vesper, I'm so glad you didn't say it reminded you of your son up til the age of 5. Though I have more experience dealing with babies who are a bit older, and I know that this grossness will just be replaced by other kinds of grossness.

Miss A., I keep hearing that it might be something I ate. I hope not...I like the food I eat! But we'll see if I need to cut anything out.

Dok, yes, it lasts our whole life, in one form or another. Just that some forms are a bit easier to take than others.

Anonym sagde ...

really? hunh. so it's okay if i start blogging about my own droppings? I've always wanted to do that.